112 Operator 1.6.5
Version: 1.6.5

112 Operator 1.6.5

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System requirements: 8.0+

Almost all developed cities always have a unit called Online Operator 24/7, which receives countless reports and information about their cities. The role of this assignment is to receive emergency and administrative reports such as accidents, fires and terrorism. Virtually all urgent problems in the area will be handled through the Operator, and he will eventually deploy the appropriate unit to deal with these problems. If you want to experience this strenuous and intellectual job, download 112 Operator . This is an Operator simulation game that uses real-time data from all developed cities to create active player zones. Almost all Operator activities will be in this game with the most honest level that players can enjoy.


112 Operator will use all real map data, then import into the game and create multiple zones for players to start the first campaign. All cities are accurately modeled with detailed maps, including roads, rails, waterways and sewers. Each city has its own differences, such as campaign, city structure, and many other factors that can affect the player’s experience. Of course, each city will automatically save the player’s progress until he or she completes all of the campaigns included in it.


112, what’s your emergency? – is the first sentence that operators will utter every time they receive urgent calls from local residents. The player’s job is to meet all needs, listen and work out the safest possible solution for all situations. This game is a combination of strategy and puzzle factors, in which players must choose the best options depending on the seriousness of each case. The player can also directly instruct the person on the other end of the line, discuss and ultimately solve the problem on the spot without involving functional forces. But if an emergency situation arises, the player will have to deploy the most appropriate functional force, equip it, and provide as much assistance as possible.


112 Operator allows the player to interact with the map via satellite, such as directing task forces, monitoring the situation, and finding the best solution. Especially in high-level emergencies, the player must control all functional teams in the scene via the map. However, in some cases this can be successful with teams already deployed, but players should still be prepared to send extra help if something goes wrong. Interacting with the map in real time is key, and players can create many effective strategies through the game’s pause feature. This would make the world stop, and the player could sequentially give orders to all the different units and then pause to see the magic happen.


112 Operator will simulate the real world for players to enjoy, including weather effects and other random elements. Campaign emergencies are the default missions, but the weather can worsen, making it difficult for players. Weather plays an important role in this game, causing traffic congestion and greatly reducing mobilization time. In addition, the fire situation is greatly improved, as the spread of fire surprises the player. Weather effects are an important feature of the game, making the world more vivid and realistic.


Players must first get special circumstance reports followed by a severity analysis and begin to properly plan the deployment of the unit. Players cannot deploy all available units just because they want to, but the game has many limitations; even players need to know how to allocate units efficiently. After allocating human resources for each unit, players will have to equip vehicles and personal items for each person. Of course, the player can maneuver several units at once, such as firefighters, police, special forces, and ambulances. This game will simulate real emergencies, and the player must complete the campaign.

112 Operators is a realistic simulation game about the work of operators.

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