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System requirements: 4.4+
Description for Android is the most popular “big fish eat small” game these days. Office people recommend playing it because it is extreme fun and also has no shortage of challenges for their brain. This game can be compatible with Android 2.3.3 and updated devices, and is free.

Play online with players from all over the world trying to become the biggest of them all!

In fact, APK is a game based on the game Big Fish – Feeding Frenzy was very popular. However, thanks to the improved style of the game, similar to how big cells eat small cells instead of the usual fish, this game is quickly becoming a trendy game in the community of gamers. So far, the game has garnered more than 2 million scores on the Play Store and more than 10 million downloads. If you are an officer or just looking for a simple game, you should try

The action of takes place in a world where cells struggle to grow by eating others. As a cell, players must join in an intense battle whose main goal is to eat other players as well as cells in an effort to grow, while at the same time defending against being eaten by others. First, the game is fairly simple, but your body will get bloated and movement will be difficult. Meanwhile, enemies around you have often swallowed such “fertile” prey as you have. Will you be motivated enough to get bigger and bigger, or agree to become tasty food for others?

Another interesting feature of is that players are allowed to break their bodies into smaller cells if they are too big. However, there is one drawback: the smaller you are, the easier it is for larger cells to eat you, and the amount of prey you can hunt is also limited. Obviously, it’s hard to find the best strategy in this case, but it’s a good point that wants you to learn: it’s easy to start, but hard to master.

The basic context in the game for Android

The Corner: The most dangerous area in an game, also known as “death.” If you’re not at the top, you shouldn’t come here. You’ll get yourself in trouble.

Wall: This is the second most dangerous area in Gamers can hide among the rocks and bushes to avoid being eaten.

Main stage: where those with an “oversized” body win. Try to do more and more as much as possible.

The latest features for Android:

Earn more experience and get more rewards.Add over 80 new and stronger skins to protect yourself from enemies.Get spells to speed up swallowing enemiesShow your achievements after each stageShare achievements with friends and show who the “cell killer “Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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