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System requirements: 4.4+

Looking for a fun and simple game that can be played on mobile devices at any time? Expect to dive right into casual gameplay right away? Have fun with stressful and intense gameplay? Then is your dream game with intuitive gameplay and lots of interesting features.

Enjoy awesome gameplay in an endless water slide, where you will be free to make crazy and enjoyable moves, guiding your heroes to victories in epic water slide competitions. Use every available move and turn the game environment to your advantage to win.

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In the game, players will find themselves in a fairly simple and undemanding gameplay experience that proves to be extremely enjoyable and addictive. You will play as a water slide that competes in epic competitions with interesting opponents. Find yourself the first to reach the finish line to win and collect those abundant golds.

Gain access to lots of interesting skill moves by performing incredible slides to pass obstacles and run ahead. In fact, you can also kick your opponents out of the competition by bumping into them as they slide alongside you. Do it, or you’ll be the one who flies off the rails.

And speaking of which, in some cases, flying off a water slide may not seem like such a disaster if you know what you’re doing. In fact, you can turn your disadvantage of not having a glide platform to its own advantage by landing your character on other water slide tracks that are much closer to the finish line. But it will take some luck and skill. Will you be able to pull it off? Let’s just stay tuned to find out.

What’s more, the game also has several customizations you can use for your characters to turn them into interesting-looking pieces that you just can’t find anywhere else. Move on to the next levels, unlocking more interesting gameplay and customizations.


Here you will find all the amazing features the game has to offer:

Enjoy unique and interesting water slide gameplayFirst of all, Android gamers are sure to enjoy this simple but enjoyable game on their mobile devices. Take part in a grand water slide competition to find your way to victory. Use the intuitive touch controls to easily move your characters, avoid obstacles and destroy enemies. In addition, you’ll also have plenty of interesting levels to choose from and enjoy when you have the time. So don’t miss them.

Deal with different obstacles and turn them to your advantageFollow the interesting and challenging levels in as you face grandiose obstacles on your final slide. But don’t think of it as a disadvantage; in fact, you can easily turn your disadvantages into advantages by cleverly turning obstacles against enemies. Force them to make them crash into rocks or explode through the air using the available kicking option.

And sometimes, you can even knock them off the tracks and end their race. On the other hand, in certain situations, to make up for the incredible gaps between you and the top crawlers, you might want to “cheat” your way out of situations where you fly off the tracks looking for a safe landing.

Complete several levels that will take you to different locationsIn addition, gamers in will also get plenty of gameplay levels with unique and interesting settings. Feel free to enjoy epic rides with unique turns, annoying obstacle positions and more. Not to mention, the beautiful environment around you will definitely look a lot better once you’re in the air.

Feel free to customize your charactersAnd for those interested in personalizing their gaming experience, you can always choose from several customizations available in-game. Start by putting on new costumes that will make you absolutely interesting. Change your character profiles for a more fun experience. Or pick up new immersion styles, ending the game in styles. In fact, you can also change the appearance of your characters to match their new gender.

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