Arcana Twilight 1.4.6
Version: 1.4.6

Arcana Twilight 1.4.6

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System requirements: 5.0+

Listen to the enchanting soundtrack and discover new worlds in Arcana Twilight!

Discover new worlds with The Player in Arcana Twilight, a brand new dating simulation game developed by Choice of Games. Featuring casual dating simulation gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a captivating soundtrack, you’ll fall in love with one of six enchanting wizards.

And while you explore brand new stories in different worlds with different endings, your chances of a happy ending are high. In Arcana Twilight, you are the Player. You’ve just been accepted into the prestigious School of Magic, and you’re starting your first year. You wake up in your dorm room with a small piece of parchment on your nightstand that says “Meet me at the castle.” Your mind wanders to the possibilities: could this be a romantic date?

In this otome dating simulation game, you will choose your character’s personality and appearance to explore their personal stories. Along the way, you’ll make meaningful decisions that will change your relationship with them and change how they react to you over time! About the Game Yuma plays a popular new game called X-Story.

After deciding to play as the main character Ryoma, she suddenly wakes up in his apartment and realizes that he is not playing with her. Suddenly feeling lost and scared, she decides to leave the room, but bumps into another girl (also named Ryoma) who turns out to be his girlfriend. The protagonist’s name is Yuki, and she wakes up in a different apartment than the one she usually sleeps in, not remembering who she is or where she came from. The protagonist also seems to know nothing about this other girl named Ryoma and soon realizes that they are different people, which is proven when Yuki tries to touch her.

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