Armed Heist 2.6.8
Version: 2.6.8

Armed Heist 2.6.8

System requirements: 5.0+

FPS games have always been one of the most popular gaming genres because of the battles they bring. There are many FPS games that players can choose and have fun with because it is already a popular genre. Most of the time, the player will play the role of a hero fighting the enemy and rescuing hostages. But the game Armed Heist is different; it gives players a unique experience that only he can have. The game will take players into a completely different context than what players often see in other games. If you’re tired of being the hero and saving others, this game will be a great choice.

Become a Soldier

In most FPS games, players often become soldiers or heroes to complete difficult missions and save the world. Most games go this way, so it seems that players no longer have much interest in the game. But if a player comes to this game, he will change, no longer a hero, but a bandit. This game is inspired by the movie “Money Robbery,” and the main character of the game and the movie does the same thing – rob a bank. The player will work with his teammates to build the perfect plan, avoid police attention, and rob the bank. With this unique context, the game offers players a completely different experience than today’s popular games.

Quality graphics

Aside from the game’s unique context, there is one other thing that contributed greatly to the game’s success: the visuals. The game is built with 3D graphics, so when playing the game, the player will feel the authenticity of the game. Not only do you get the 3D graphics, but when playing the game, players can play in first person, so the experience becomes even more incredible. Everything in the game is portrayed to come to life. Characters, masks, weapons and more all come with a high degree of perfection. Players can immerse themselves in the action, the firefights, playing first-person games, combined with the 3D format makes everything that much better. Go with the graphics, which is sound; it’s neatly inserted into every frame so the player’s emotions are sublimated. The sound of footsteps walking through different terrain, making different sounds, shots from other weapons and more. They all come together to do a great job.

Varied Missions.

The game has many missions for players to complete, and they vary completely from layout to requirements. There are currently over 70 different stages available with different quests and maps. Players do not complete them according to assigned missions, as in many other FPS games, which you have the right to choose. The game will have a crime map with over 70 different locations marked on it, and you have to choose one to mine. These locations are very well built, so it takes a perfect plan to steal money. But if you don’t want to waste time, use a tank to attack and steal everything in a short time. But this will attract the attention of the police and they will come to arrest the player.

Character customization

Before you start the game the character must use, and the game will allow the player to create a character. The ability to customize a character in the game is very high; the player can become anything they want to experience in the game. For example, not only can you become thugs and criminals if you wish, but you can also become a police officer who robs a bank. There are many different outfits in the game that you can use in different styles. One of the main tasks of a thug is to hide his identity and use a mask. There are many different masks that players can use in the game.


Already being an FPS game, the arsenal is indispensable because it is a tool for stealing. Thus, the game has a huge arsenal of weapons for robbing banks. The game has all types of weapons, from pistols to shotguns, assault rifles, and the game is ready to serve the player.

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