Aura Kingdom 2 10.7.3
Version: 10.7.3

Aura Kingdom 2 10.7.3

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System requirements: 4.1+

Role-playing games are a genre that is of great interest to players all over the world and are a great choice for entertainment. Today it is still a trendy genre, and there are many well-known games of this genre from which players can choose. But players don’t want to be limited to a certain space; they want to experience something more interesting. A game that brings many players together in one game was born in the MMORPG genre, an improvement over the RPG. Since its first release, this game genre has attracted a lot of attention from players and has become a fun way to play together. Aura Kingdom 2 is a game in this genre that came out not too long ago, and it’s a great choice for you.

Compared to the PC version, the story of the game is the same, so if you have ever played the game, you will quickly understand the game. The human world is threatened by a Shadow Knight who has ambitions to invade the world to become ruler. Players will play as envoys to fight and fight against this tyrant. Players will not have to fight alone, but you can stick with Eidolon to prevent the invasion of Lord Shadow Knight.

A variety of character classes.

From the start of the game you will need a character to participate in the game, and it will be a character representing the player. The game will offer players four different classes to choose from. These choices are Lancer, Archer, Mage, and Assassin, and each class will have different characteristics that the player can use. Players can choose characters that match his or her play style to start the game. For example, Assassin has high speed and high mutation skills during combat, but HP and stamina will not be too high. Or Lancer, although the summoned lady will be bigger and more durable, but will not have high speed, so it is easy to catch up.

Hire eidolons to create combat units

Eidolons are not the main characters that the player has to fight, but one of the subsystems of the game that support the player. Players need to seek out these eidolons to create a five-person combat squad. The player who plays the most important role in this squad and controls everything will be the player character. As for the remaining four men, they will serve as support in the player’s combat process. Eidolons will also be divided into different functions, including attack, recovery, and buffs, which can be used by the player. Players can combine their functions to form the strongest squad possible.

Complete a Mission.

In most role-playing games, players need to complete this mission. Each time the player completes a mission, they will receive the usual items such as money, experience to level up, and equipment. With the tasks assigned to the player, you can explore the history of the game. Players will be able to travel to different countries to complete assigned missions.

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