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Version: 1.87.9

Basketball Arena: Online Game 1.87.9

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System requirements: 5.1+

Basketball Arena: Online Game offers players great basketball courts. In particular, you can choose your opponent right in the real-time system. Without stopping there, we bring you playgrounds from simple to complex, depending on the level of difficulty. In addition, it is also proportional to the ability to go to glory on the big national playing fields. Spend great moments with legendary basketball.


We don’t leave you alone every time the Christmas season comes around; let’s celebrate a happy Christmas with basketballs in these particular games. Basketball Arena offers special gifts that are tied or colorful keepsakes to commemorate Christmas. Not only that, you’ll love the playground, filled with a festive atmosphere, with blue pines and a little snow. Under the tree are pictures of attractive gifts enticing you to participate.


Here the matches in the live system stretch out to welcome you. Players can discover a new way to experience this intense game of basketball. If you want to challenge other players who are your friends, family members or lovers, it doesn’t matter. Basketball Arena promises to give players and allies


Your mission when you arrive at Basketball Arena and many other basketball games is to correctly place the ball in the top basket. If you win more, the opportunity to unlock attractive gifts will be with you right now. You know, every time you score a ball, you get a point. And that means every point you put on the scoreboard gets you closer to valuable gifts.


Keeping up the momentum, players will be given game conditions to win. Unique superpowers are designed for you to use them, but it’s not really that simple. You will have to defeat several opponents, join and win the champion trophy in certain matches. Many superpowers invite you to use to get many unique perks.


The gifts you unlock will be favor cards with which you can unlock many new characters. Not only that, but some superpowers have been hidden for a long time. In addition, new coaching or training courses are also available for newcomers to Basketball Arena.

– Real experience with real opponents and time doesn’t lie.

– Participate in meaningful tournaments to get lots of attractive rewards at once.

– Slowly, with a small and weak team through training, we will become more and more experienced and assertive.

– Increase your playing power and unlock as many new characters as possible.

– Get extra rewards for completing tasks and attendance every day.

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