Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver 1.9.21
Version: 1.9.21

Battery Guru: Monitor & Saver 1.9.21

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System requirements: 5.0+

Many wireless devices often have different battery capacities, and they all have some level of performance or consumption depending on the program or task being performed. Many users will turn to battery monitoring or care applications such as Battery Guru , which is one great option when they come to this area. It promises to help users closely and in detail monitor battery consumption, including the performance of all software or systems running simultaneously.


Battery Guru’s main function is to help users analyze battery consumption in recent hours and then report back or suggest treatments to prolong battery life. Moreover, its tracking ability can be performed anytime and anywhere, including during charging or discharging. All battery changes are accurately and reliably displayed, and users can customize certain apps or programs to reduce battery consumption in the future. Not stopping there, users can minimize the battery monitoring process to a notification bar or tooltip to help users optimize the interface or workspace 24/7. Users can also check the remaining battery life or future battery usage time for additional guidance on effective battery protection.


Not only does the app provide users with detailed and thorough monitoring, but it also contains many impressive guides for users to tune or optimize battery consumption. This includes saving battery power or limiting the consumption of several applications to a minimum. Many battery changes can have long-term effects on an app, and this will help users have a better user experience than ever when using the device for extended periods of time. In addition, users can put the device into sleep mode, an ideal option to temporarily stop all activity on the system to extend battery life. Of course, users can customize the system and set limits for certain applications in several simple ways.


The great thing about Battery Guru is that it helps users keep track of their battery consumption and customize everything perfectly for the best user experience. What’s more, there are some impressive options that are rarely found in other apps, all of which can be fully customized to suit each person’s style. In addition, users can completely change the interface or theme and indicators to impress users or change the interface to a new style.


Many causes can lead to low battery life and shortened battery life, so Battery Guru offers users a wide range of options and detailed instructions for extending battery life or performance. This includes reminders about minimum battery temperatures, including how much battery charge is enough for each day. All of these limitations will affect users’ levels and time, but in return, efficiency, extended battery life, and more.

Battery Guru is a versatile application designed to give users absolute stability when monitoring or interacting with the battery, even making it smoother and more flexible when setting the necessary limits. On top of that, it also provides plenty of detailed instructions so that users can extend the life of their battery and device.

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