Version: 2.1.0


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System requirements: 5.0+

The game presented today will be Battle Royale, a popular genre in the gaming market where players will engage in challenging matches, namely BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA . The game still has many different maps to choose from, depending on your preference. In addition, inside this game you can have fun interacting with many other players.


Players will enter an open world with the characteristics of a battle royal, where you will fight with other players to become the winner. The game also features buildings that you can explore and pick up items that you think you need to fight other players. At the same time, the vastness of the environment and its detail are also factors that any player will be able to use in this survival game.

The world in the game is huge, and most players will spend that time exploring the environment in the game. At the same time, the variety in your environment is something that players should consider, as this is not just a combat genre, as they can hide in certain areas to do damage to other players. You could say that they will use everything they have to overcome tense shooting scenes with other players.


When you start BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, you will find yourself on a plane, a detail that is not too strange to many players. You can watch the map to navigate to the area you want. At the same time, this process will take a little time, and once you land, you will quickly find what you need, such as gear, weapons, grenades, or interesting things that will stop bleeding. So the first phase will basically be like this.

They will move continuously when an area is assigned, which is a must in this game. Like in PUBG, there will be a circle that always shrinks, and within that circle is an area that you will need to enter to meet other players. Also, everyone knows the consequences, if you stay outside of this circle for too long, you will lose blood. If you enter this area, the chances of meeting other players for a confrontation will increase, and anyone will want to win.

There are many types of weapons you can find in this game, and over time you will know which weapons are right for you to choose. That way, anyone can feel confident as long as they are holding a gun steadily and match their skills. Also, when you kill an enemy, you get the items that your opponent took, and you will find better equipment or additional support items.


When it comes to playing Battle Royale, we can’t ignore the different cards that this game offers players. They can find cards with completely different properties. At the same time, each card will give players a new experience and they will take the time to find out what’s interesting about it, especially the differences between the cards. In addition, each map will have different environmental elements that they can take advantage of.

Each map has a different character and is quite large, so players will always need to be careful of what’s going on around them because they don’t know if enemies are waiting ahead of them. Therefore, they will always move with complete caution when going to a new place. You could say that exploring the environment will take the player some time to gradually adapt to what is going on in each environment. The player’s experience will become less boring, thanks to the changing map.


In BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, players will be able to participate in multiplayer matches, and you can choose the number of participants in a team. More specifically, you can move around the environment alone and do whatever you like, but sometimes you may have problems when you get into a match with other players. Also, if it’s not safe for you to face other strong players, you can play with friends.

Playing with friends is fun because you experience danger with them. Many players can help each other and try to pass the level to get the highest score. Thus, each game mode will have its own exciting characteristics, which you can freely choose depending on your needs and skills in each match. Surely your skills will improve in many different challenging matches.

Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 1Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 2Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 3Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 4Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 5Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 6Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 7Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 8Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 9Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA 2.1.0 (Embedded cache) on Android screen 10