Bazooka Boy 1.10.0
Version: 1.10.0

Bazooka Boy 1.10.0

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System requirements: 4.4+

Work your way through enemies and challenge those ahead of you in a three-dimensional game with powerful weapons! Bazooka Boy never lets you down from the first stages. Your job is to collect new guns and improve their individual qualities. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Try it and start destroying the bad guys blocking your way to victory! The game is suitable for all Android devices, and thanks to exciting level after level you will never get bored.

Basic Information

Published by Supersonic Studios Ltd, Bazooka Boy is also available for direct download from the Google Play Store . Throughout the game, you’ll encounter different levels of brilliant content and obstacles. Here you will meet flying enemies and funny boys.

Don’t panic, let’s blow up the bases and destroy their structures. What’s even more interesting is that the game offers you the ability to be anyone you want – well, I mean different characters. You’ll love this feature, which will even allow you to turn from assassin to Batman. Or how about becoming a vampire for the bloody Halloween holiday. Believe me, it’s rare to find a game as unique as Bazooka Boy.

It’s worth mentioning that Bazooka Boy has over 500,000 installations on the Google Play Store. This situation only demonstrates that thousands of users in different parts of the world prefer to play the game. Download the game on your Andriod device, you will surely love Bazooka Boy for the most part. Also, note that the game is rated 12+ plus moderate violence in the game.

Players have completed 400 levels, which will satisfy all adventure lovers. However, you must pay to get rid of the ads. It usually costs $3 to remove them. The remaining problem is that you keep watching the ads.

Once you move to the next level, players make more money, but after that they become useless. In other words, there is no money if you don’t watch the ads. What if players want to unlock more special skins? Should they use cash to do so? No, you have to watch the ads to unlock them all. Without a doubt, Bazooka Boy is a solid and exciting game that everyone would want to try at least once.

One thing that makes this game so much better than other classic shooting genres is the ability to upgrade weapons or add your favorite armor. Once you buy them, your money sometimes accumulates. Like Drawmaster , an archery game that requires players to aim and hit the target at every level, Bazooka Boy needs you to make your way to the ultimate victory.

Overall scores

What a fun game to pass the time, we recommend you turn on flight mode so you can play it without ads. But some people hate the fact that they sometimes get stuck in a level because their character automatically dies as soon as the level starts, and there’s nothing they can do about it at all. So it’s kind of buggy, which caused them to experience some depressing moments.

Not only that, but you also don’t see much of a bonus or definite advantage to completing a level with a bomb and three bombs. In this situation, it would have been nice to have a higher score here. It’s true that a recent update fixed a few unfortunate bugs, but now the bunker bomb becomes invisible. Honestly, Bazooka Boy is a good game, but it still has some issues that need to be fixed.

Also, the game levels tend to get repetitive when you exceed 100 and some players have already passed 800. Beyond that, the game remains an endless amount of fun. It also offers gamers a wide variety of weapons. When you reach level 437, you usually have problems without advertising.

Unfortunately, one or two players admit that in this level, although they shoot the red guy with all kinds of weapons, it is impossible to pass the level. They have even emailed asking for help, but no response. Gamers wait and start the game at the same time.


The most amazing thing about the game is the set of weapons that can be used to destroy enemies in the game. Grenades, shotgun, bazooka, cluster, blast, and many other weapons are available. Each weapon has brilliant qualities that are waiting for you to explore.

Come and download Bazooka Boy to go through several levels and experience this 3D battle.

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