Best Fiends 11.0.1
Version: 11.0.1

Best Fiends 11.0.1

System requirements: 5.0+

Dive into this simple but extremely addictive and fascinating puzzle game from Best Fiends. Explore the strange world of Best Fiends, where you can join a group of incredible heroes on their epic journeys to defeat the slugs. Immerse yourself in amazing puzzle challenges, picking up gems of the same color to unleash a series of amazing attacks.

Join our heroes to complete thousands of epic and fun puzzle levels that take you through Mount Boom. Unlock the secrets behind the mountains with interesting stories, allowing your characters to complete unique and exciting quests. Discover the power of the best spewers and protect the lands from invading enemies.

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Android players will find strange worlds in Best Fiends, where the little creatures known as Minutia live happily and peacefully, staying in touch with nature.

However, things began to change after the mysterious impact of the Mount Boom meteorite, their sacred home. And out of the ashes, thousands of vile monsters begin to emerge from the slug nearby. There seems to be some mysterious energies emanating from the meteor. And they are responsible for these nasty monsters.

However, your initial quest right now is to put an end to the enemies’ successes and banish these pests from your lands. Be careful, as nasty monsters will ruin and slime everything they touch, turning them into other pointless monsters.

And when you fight off the nasty slugs, it’s also important for you to start investigating the incidents that occurred on Boom Mountain. Where and how were these monsters created? And what treachery lies behind them? All will be revealed in the simple but exciting puzzle game Best Fiends.


Here you will find all the interesting features the game has to offer:

Simple, straightforward and addictive gameplayFirst, Android players of Best Fiends will be able to immerse themselves in this simple, straightforward and yet addictive puzzle game on their mobile devices. Enjoy fun and hearty battles with nasty monsters as you battle your way through tricky puzzles.

Explore huge maps in the game that will take you through different areas on Boom Mountain. Here you’ll journey through the game and meet different characters who will later join you.

Accept them into your roster and feel free to build a strong team with amazing people. Use their unique abilities to help you in your quests against enemies.

Thousands of interesting puzzles for you to exploreIn addition, for those of you who are interested, the game also has thousands of interesting puzzle levels, each with unique and interesting challenges. Find yourself battling some of the most challenging slime monsters in the epic puzzle levels. With increasing difficulty, you’ll find it fairly easy to familiarize yourself with the game. However, as you progress to higher levels, you will find it difficult to master the game. Consequently, you will never lose interest in the game.

Create your own team of lovable charactersWalking around Boom Mountain in search of the answer to the current slime crisis, you will also meet many other interesting game characters. Our heroes will have chances to make the ultimate list with some of the most capable fiends.

Discover and collect different characters with unique skills and abilities as you explore the stories. Build a complete team with capable abilities to defeat any enemies. Combine the right gems for certain characters to unlock their full potential.

Develop and customize your charactersAnd when you join your Minutia heroes on their journey to defeat vicious slimy monsters, players in Best Fiends will also have access to many upgrades and enhancements they can have on their heroes.

Start by engaging our heroes in battles and defeating enemies to collect experience. With experience you’ll be able to level up to increase their characteristics and abilities. Not to mention, at a certain level you can even turn your Minutia heroes into a more powerful form. Explore the final power barrier as you develop them to their full potential.

In addition, for those of you who are interested, the game also has several customizations that allow them to effectively dress up their heroes for battle.

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