BikeComputer Pro 8.8.7
Version: 8.8.7

BikeComputer Pro 8.8.7

System requirements: 4.0+

Have you always dreamed of one day having a device to help you commute to work? Did you ever think I would master the roads while moving? BikeComputer Pro is an app that meets all your needs such as directions, distance calculation, heart rate measurement, speed … Let’s find out what interesting things it brings!


The BikeComputer Pro app supports you during cycling, exercise and other outdoor sports. Users can use this app to get around faster while traveling. The app will help predict in advance whether a trip will be dangerous in case of traffic or accidents. Turn dangerous roads that seem far away become incredibly close. In addition, this app also has several features for measuring health, weather… on the road. The app is also open-source software that allows users to use it for free without paying royalties, especially since the app does not require you to create an account to log in.


BikeComputer Pro will allow people to enjoy their trip without worrying about getting lost, with detailed directions. In addition, the app supports the addition of a handy GPS mode. This helps determine the most accurate departure time, arrival time and distance. The app also supports all screen resolutions and devices. So, if you want to create high-quality photos while cycling to share on social networks (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line,…), this app is a tool you should not give up.


Like other mapping apps, this app also has outstanding features that provide information about your destination. But it is designed to add new utilities that bring convenience to users. It calculates trail distance, walking speed, heart rate, humidity and creates sound notification effects to help you easily identify. It is also designed with more outstanding features, providing convenience to users with the following functions: increasing or decreasing sound, adjusting sensitivity on the map, saving mileage…


In addition to convenience and usefulness, BikeComputer Pro also has top-notch graphics. With easy-to-understand 3D images, each location in the landscape and environment is described in as much detail and realism as possible. Icons and images help users remember easily. Make the user feel on truly unfamiliar roads. At the same time, this app supports installation in Android and iOS operating systems, which are regularly updated and updated with new versions. Thus, the features of the app are always updated and updated, ensuring user satisfaction when faced with their growing needs.

BikeComputer Pro is an app that uses the road map field to provide users with many benefits. A variety of features and calculation support during the move will help you gain the knowledge and relaxation you need to make your final decision. If you are curious about the benefits of the app, join and download to experience this exciting experience!

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