Black Border: Border Simulator Game 1.2.23
Version: 1.2.23

Black Border: Border Simulator Game 1.2.23

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System requirements: 4.1+

War is one of the greatest tragedies mankind has experienced in its history. Up to the present time, for many reasons, many battles are still going on. Nor has Modland fallen out of the spiral of competition. Many different forces have arisen that have caused this country to divide into many parts. Black Border: Border Simulator Game unfolds in such a complex context.

The really tense situation in the neighborhood.

Modland is under the influence of many different forces. The country is divided and conflicts are ongoing. However, in 1996, the Peace Treaty was signed and the country was divided into separate regions, such as Artaguana, Bost, Partakna,… The leaders of these regions always seek to provoke aggression with their neighbors in order to expand their territory.

However, under the influence of the Peace Treaty, they were no longer free to coordinate military actions so that they would act as aggressively as before. The spy elements installed in neighboring lands are the chief agents of destroying everything from within.

Small Mission, Big Mission in Black Border

Players will play the role of a real Border Patrol officer, who must check everything about people before allowing them to cross the border. It’s basically a pretty simple job, but it can turn disastrous if you let a terrorist or spy infiltrate your territory. Usually their mission is to find a way to kill your boss. And of course, then you lose that. So take precautions by checking everything they carry. This is the time when you place your detective skills, eyesight and judgment.

How to know which passengers want to get into your neighborhood

The Black Border progresses quickly and steadily. First, someone will walk in from behind the door. They are portrayed as a completely dark shadow with no other manifestation. Then they will gradually reveal themselves and you will be able to see their face, clothing and figure. These people will then offer a number of things, such as identification papers and items they want to carry across the border.

According to the rules given earlier, players must check it to make sure it is safe. Those who get proof of immigration will be able to move. If you make a mistake, you are bound to lose the game. War will quickly break out and the country will begin to be in chaos. By then you will be a force directly entering the battlefield and defending yourself.

What you need to know to become a border guard

The first thing you need to check is your identity documents, such as your passport and ID card. Carefully compare them with wanted orders to quickly find egregious and dangerous criminals. In addition, they may also provide you with forged documents to obtain a certificate of admission. You will need to check the numbers on the paper. The client’s first and last name is one of the most obvious clues. And then you should also check the height and weight of those passengers. If it matches what’s written on the paper, you can be sure they didn’t mean bad intentions. Sometimes non-threatening passengers will show up, but their papers have expired. These people are also not allowed to pass the border.

In addition, you also need to check their luggage. Sometimes there will be people hiding weapons in suitcases; Usually there will be guns with them. Also, some people will give a lot of money to get a passport. Many different situations will constantly repeat themselves and test your loyalty. Black Border is a real war.

2D graphics focus on story design

Actually, the main goal of the players in this game is a lot of different people. They are designed with lots of faces and lots of outfits. It’s as if no two are exactly alike in Black Border. The many stories behind these people will also be gradually explored to make the gameplay more engaging and interesting. The changing scenes and combat agents and decisions will make the story more and more intense and complex. The player’s job will quickly become much more complex than before. It requires vigilance, dexterity, and loyalty on your part.

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