Block Craft 3D 2.16.0
Version: 2.16.0

Block Craft 3D 2.16.0

System requirements: 4.0+

For those of you who are interested in casual gameplay that you can enjoy when you have the time, Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games Free is definitely a great game for all your devices, because of its amazing and addictive gameplay.

Feel free to build your entire city with endless building options. Explore different combinations and designs with available materials to create all kinds of fixtures in your village. Interact with other villagers and players as you invite them to visit your town and vice versa. Enjoy fun and interesting gameplay by joining your friends and other players in Block Craft 3D.

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The Story

In the game, players will find themselves fully immersed in a strange world where they are allowed to do whatever they want in a fully interactive environment. And, as the protagonist, you can enjoy exciting builder gameplay, where the game allows players to create their entire city with the many building options available.

Feel free to pick up your blocks in the pixel world and put them together to create amazing structures and buildings. Have access to the many materials available as you combine them to create all sorts of materials. Use the crafting capabilities to create awesome tools. And join your friends as you help each other create incredible cities.


Simple, intuitive, yet addictive gameplayGamers in Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games Free will quickly become familiar with the gameplay through simple and intuitive mechanics. Here, you’ll be presented with a variety of available block materials with unique features and characteristics that make them suitable for certain purposes. Assemble yourself a variety of blocks and start building all sorts of impressive structures from your imagination.

Build your entire city in this rewarding construction gameWith many designs available, gamers will find themselves building different styles of houses, castles, mines, and even entire villages using whatever you have in your inventory. Feel free to design your own spaceship, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest, and more using block pixels.

Not only that, the game even lets you create special things like furniture, objects, etc. etc., from certain materials and using certain types of tools in the game, which adds a whole new level of immersion and dynamics.

In addition, you can also save the layout of your designs and put them on the market to sell to online gamers. Earn easy money by starting another crafting project in Block Craft 3D. As for other players, you can always buy constructs from other players to save your time.

Enjoy epic simulation gameplay with interesting featuresIn addition, the game also has many interesting simulation features that make it much more than a simple construction game. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with the environment and also meet many new people. Have them visit your villages and interact with them at all times.

Feel free to customize your charactersFor those who are interested, the game even allows you to create and customize your own characters using the several options available. Feel free to come up with your own personas, expressions, and most importantly, put on awesome costumes to express yourself. What’s more, you can even use the crafting feature to introduce some interesting things to your characters, which is absolutely great.

Have lots of fun and adorable petsAnd for those of you who are interested in having your own favorite pets, you’ll also find yourself adopting cute and adorable animals. Have fun creating an entire zoo with interesting animals like cats, dogs, pigs, monkeys, tigers, snakes, lizards or even giant elephants. And don’t worry, in Block Craft 3D: Free Simulation Games the animals are extremely friendly. So they will never attack you or do anything to your villages and their inhabitants.

Download Block Craft 3D 2.16.0 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 1Download Block Craft 3D 2.16.0 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 2Download Block Craft 3D 2.16.0 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 3Download Block Craft 3D 2.16.0 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 4Download Block Craft 3D 2.16.0 (Mod, Many Coins) for Android screen 5