Bloons TD 5 3.38
Version: 3.38

Bloons TD 5 3.38

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System requirements: 4.1+

The best Tower-Defense games are back with the latest version of Bloons TD 5 . Join the adorable monkeys in their battle against the invading evil Bloons. Make sure you choose and build your tower wisely to withstand every Bloons attack. Learn all about the game with our review.

The Story

The game takes us to the fictional land of Bloons TD, where you will play as a group of monkeys who are trying to protect their home from disturbing Bloon creatures. There will be different types of towers that you can build to repel attacking Bloons.

After each mission, you will be rewarded with valuable prizes that you can use to improve your towers and attract a new member to your group. Do whatever you can to help the poor money defend their homes.


3 different game modesThe game has 3 different game modes that you can switch from time to time to refresh yourself. Switch to traditional game mode to test your skills, or try infinite mode to see how far you can go. On the other hand, you can try time attack mode to see how fast your reflexes are.

Varied DifficultiesThe game’s standard difficulty is set at a normal level, so it’s suitable for most players. However, if you find this level too difficult to play, you can lower the difficulty to the Easy level, which will be much easier. On top of that, if you are an experienced Bloon TD player and want to test your skills in more challenging gameplay, you can try raising your game to the Hard difficulty level.

21 Powerful Towers with Their Unique AbilitiesTo help players customize their tower settings, the game features up to 21 different towers with their own unique abilities, each effective against certain enemies. Consequently, depending on the tracks and types of Bloons you will be dealing with, you can create a reasonable customization before you start the game.

Two upgrade pathsOn top of that, each turret has two different upgrade paths that provide better firing speeds and better health. Depending on the types of monsters you’re dealing with, you can upgrade a particular path first. In addition, you can increase the amount of starting money, which will allow you to build more towers at the beginning of the game.

Over 50 Playable TracksWith over 50 playable tracks, you’ll never find the game boring. As with each unlockable track, you’ll have access to different styles of play that make the game extremely fun. In addition, you will also unlock a free play mode after each track is completed. You can choose to process the next track or spend time there to collect valuable items.

Multiplayer SupportThe game also features an exciting multiplayer mode where two players can engage in a Bloon TD battle together. You’ll need to work well with your teammates to win the ultimate victory and protect your precious monkey.

Family ThemeIn addition, with a family theme, the game is accessible to children of all ages. Consequently, it would be a good idea to spend time playing with your family members. It would be a lot more fun than just playing the game alone.

Useful AgentsOn your journey, you can acquire useful agents to help you in your battles. They will provide extremely useful support to make your missions much easier. There are currently 10 different agents available in the game, each with their own strength and specialty.

Complete special missions to get valuable prizesIf you want access to valuable prizes, the game also has its 10 special missions, which of course is really hard. However, once you complete them, the prizes will be worth all your efforts.

Over 250 MissionsIn addition to the special missions, Bloons TD has over 250 regular missions for you. While the prizes are not comparable to the special ones, they are still relatively valuable, especially when you first start playing. Also, if you make it to the finals, the prizes can be extremely rewarding.

New MonstersIn addition to the old monsters that appeared in the old games in the series, the developer has also introduced new ones in its latest version. You will have to deal with tougher and tougher foes from Camos, Regrower Bloons and ZOMG. However, with the new and upgraded weapons, you will surely be able to defeat them.

Download Bloons TD 5 3.38 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 1Download Bloons TD 5 3.38 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 2Download Bloons TD 5 3.38 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 3Download Bloons TD 5 3.38 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 4Download Bloons TD 5 3.38 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 5