Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition

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System requirements: 8.0+

Rockstar Games is famous for its underground world dating series. For them, a product about a violent world is all too familiar. Besides the GTA series, they also have other products such as Bully: Anniversary Edition. This game continues to talk about violence in modern life and will give players one of the newest gameplay experiences. The version of the game we are about to experience is one of the products designed to celebrate the success of Bully. This game has been released since 2006 and continues to grow until today. It has also been published on various platforms from PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360 and two smartphone versions for Android and iOS operating systems in 2016. Overall, this game is also considered one of the best products – the most successful product by Publisher RockStar.

Friend Challenges is a cool, arcade-style mini-game.

If anyone has tried playing this game before, they undoubtedly know the familiar name of James “Jimmy” Hopkins. Our protagonist arrives at Bullworth, where there are no protections for weak students. James realizes that this school is full of horrible bullies who prevent many people from learning. So he was determined to stand up to the bully and create a peaceful atmosphere for all the students attending this school. Of course, this will encounter opposition from many who are used to dominating this environment. Don’t be afraid to think of a brilliant future to keep fighting for what you believe in.

The game’s graphics are not great compared to the current blockbuster. However, like its brethren, RockStar’s products have a feature that everyone can recognize. Bully is not the same as the current games, with full 3D graphics and crisp outlines. The lines still have the design character of America’s famous 3D cartoon images. That’s why it gives players a familiar look and a more natural feel. Although it’s not too close to reality, everything is designed after the real model, without much deviation.


This is an action game in which players will play as mischievous 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who lives in the most dangerous school in the area. There you’ll have to confront bullies, be picked up by teachers, beat fans in dodge, play pranks, win or lose a girl, and live through a year at the worst school. The gameplay of this version may be very similar to Bully: Scholarship Edition, but there are a few reworked things.

Most impressively, we’re treated to a brand new multiplayer mode with new friend challenges. In this new mode, the player will face off against all the bullies in classrooms and arcade-style minigames. For example, small and simple games that show your skills as the fastest frog surgeon in biology? Who is the best at solving English exercises? Who can help the flying squirrel destroy his enemies with acorns in Nut Shots? And much more.


Bully: Anniversary Edition is the most complete version for cell phones. It includes all the tasks, characters and context of the “Scholarship Edition” version.The latest version has support for Android 9, the graphics have also been greatly improved. With an OBB file of up to 2.7 GB, your device’s empty memory needs to be at least 3 GB for the game to run most stably.If your Android device is a tablet or TV with a high resolution screen, rest assured, Rockstar Games has calculated this and supports resolutions up to Full HD for devices with larger displays.The control buttons are compact and intelligently placed on the screen. Depending on the task and context of the game, these buttons have different functions. Players will need a little time to get acquainted.Rockstar Social Club is a smart cloud service for storing publisher data. You can continue playing on any device by logging into your Social Club account.Support for physical controllers such as PS4, XBOX…

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