Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic 1.5.0
Version: 1.5.0

Caravan Stories: Academy of Magic 1.5.0

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System requirements: 9+

Rogue-like x 3D magic role-playing game! A great adventure in a fantasy world where you raise a wizard and draw Charast’s past!


Caravan Stories is a magical 3D RPG in the roguelike genre, which tells the story of the turmoil that takes place in the school of magic. A derivative of the MMORPG Caravan Stories for smartphones, the story takes place in a world eight years before the original, and the story is set at the Emrys Academy of Magic, attended by young elves. An easy to control shooter in which the character and companions move and shoot from machine guns while performing full rogue elements such as getting keys and opening doors! Enjoy a fantasy story full of cute illustrations, each time creating a new character on stage.


In the main stage, drag the screen to move the character, stop it, and shoot the nearest enemies. If you enter an area with enemies, the entrance will be blocked, so use cover effectively to avoid enemy attacks, and overcome challenges with improved shots and switching between companions. If you clear the blockade area, you can gain experience points based on the enemy you defeat, and you can select and acquire one of three displayed skills as you level up your character. In addition, there are various NPCs along the way, and talking to them will trigger story events and give you skills.


In the world 8 years before “Harast,” you can see the childlike characters that appear in the original, and bonus elements are included, such as getting free currency to charge for Harast by playing this game. The gameplay and system are reminiscent of a roguelike shooter. Compared to the existing work, the dungeon structure has become more complex and roguelike elements have been enhanced, such as the occurrence of story events and the acquisition of keys to open doors.

As the scene progresses, stories open up with cute illustrations. The OP video, which can be viewed by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the main screen, is also of high quality, and it’s good to immerse yourself in the fantastic and cute world of the characters even from this game, Rice Field. Nevertheless, the enemies from the early dungeon are pretty strong, there’s a notion of hit rate, and attack errors happen often. Gacha is also hard to pull off; the difficulty level varies depending on how strong a weapon you can get from the beginning. And it bothered me that the balance of the game is set by watching commercials and micropayments (getting 3-star weapons).