Carmageddon 1.8.507
Version: 1.8.507

Carmageddon 1.8.507

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System requirements: 2.3+

Remember back in the 80s, 90s, our moms, dads, uncles, aunts and other kids would often go to arcades and play their favorite games. One type of game that has always been a favorite among teenagers is racing games. “Carmageddon” stood out and won the hearts of the fans. However, the world has evolved so fast that everything from reading the news to playing games can be done on all cell phones. There’s nothing to worry about anymore, because all fans of this game can now relax with its free mobile version.

The game was released by Stainless Games in 2019, not too long ago. The mobile version of Carmageddon is undoubtedly one of the best and most exciting racing games of all time. Not to mention, it has all the original features so players can fully immerse themselves in the game.

The game

“Carmageddon” is a fun, violent car combat game. Many people may wonder, “Why is it both violent and fun?” Well, of course, because when players hit pedestrians and crash other cars on the street, they may discover some fun hidden features at this point.

You’ll have two character choices, Max Damage and Die Anna. Each will have 30 different looks and vehicles to unlock. Your main goal is to win the race by completing all tasks and increasing your rating. The ranking system starts at 99, and you move up after completing as many races as possible through 36 laps. Your rank determines which of the 36 races you can participate in, and it is increased by earning enough credits per race.

Be careful with the race, because all the opponents will chase you and remember that they are not here to win, but to destroy your car.


Brutal but exciting missions on the runTo win the race, players must complete all three objectives or wait for time to run out. However, seeing what the missions are all about is much more fun than driving until the “time runs out” line appears. There are three objectives in each race world, and they are all the same even for different races. You can list them below:

Go through checkpointsDestroy all opponentsDestroy all pedestriansThe first goal is not hard to figure out what players need to do. The second and third require players to have driving skills so they can smash enemies while hitting passing people without wasting time. Hitting innocent people or creatively destroying opponents’ cars will give you more time and more points. However, killing pedestrians is considered the most difficult task of all. There are over 400 people on the map, and they will try to get out of your way when they sense danger. They seem to have their own behavior and reactions. Some will move forward and backward, side to side, and some will react early or late.

The races are not as easy as they seemThe races may take place in certain locations such as chemical plants, coastal roads, mines and the Arizona desert. Each location is filled with townspeople and decorated with street furniture and beautiful skies.

Each level is huge, and there are many obstacles to look out for. Mines are set all over the course and will send you flying if you are brave enough to run through them. Since all opponents will be competing to drive their cars, they will be smashed into concrete obstacles. Also, don’t forget to watch out for jelly traps, which make your cars bounce and take a long time to get out, sticks about two ends, or pinball mode.

For more benefits, there are plenty of bonuses waiting to be run over. When a bonus is earned, a message will appear on the screen and players will receive extra credits. Players will get damage bonuses, the ability to drive underwater, or weapons to destroy other cars or pedestrians. There are pedestrian bonuses such as “Extra Style Bonus!”, “Splash Bonus!” and “Straight Bonus!” or “Tricky Trick Bonus!” driving bonuses.

A variety of vehicles to unlockAll players will start with the Eagle or Hawk. The Eagle is a rugged metal car that will help you get up on your stance under any circumstances. The Hawk, on the other hand, is a more accurate and controllable vehicle. The latter is weaker, but easier to handle. There are 30 vehicles that can be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

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