Castle Cats

Castle Cats

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System requirements: 4.2+

Enter the interesting arena in Castle Cats and find out why this game is so appealing to users. Create your own army of brave feline warriors in the role-playing game, fight to stop the intensifying evil lord “Pugomancer” and save the kingdom of Catania. Castle Cats opens up a battle of extremely fierce between cat warriors. but Castle Cats is known as a role-playing game action game, but players won’t feel hard when they play. 

The game is the perfect version from Pocapp Studio

After releasing two casual games, “Carpet Kitty” and “Sling a Kitty,” developers are looking to create another game that can appeal to older goals. With “Castle Cats,” a game that combines the most outstanding features of the games that were first launched, and the game was originally inspired by the Harrison minigame in World of Warcraft. Later, it became an increasingly developed cat army building game. With a compelling storyline, the game takes us into a world of cat warriors fighting against the villain “Pugomancer.” It would be bad if such a warrior team didn’t have a leader. So what is your mission? Please control your own feline warriors, help the archer “Katniss” and the wizard “Frances” end the rule of the evil enemy once and for all.

Create and build your own team of feline heroes

Join Castle Cats, you need to find and choose from over 60 unique feline heroes to form a strong army of warriors. You must remember that each hero will have unique skills and traits, so choose carefully. Next, lead the newcomers to their initial mission to rebuild Catania. These magical warrior cats will not disappoint when they enter combat. Use Alchemy to create the most unique cats on your team. To improve and enhance your ability to fight, you spend items to improve and develop strength for your army of cats. The cats fly, capricious and explode to a frenzy, ready to fight by engaging in battle. With over 100 missions, this story will last forever for you to explore. For players to complete the powerful china to destroy the evil “Pugomancer,” you need to stand up and along with the cat fight always maintain the fighting spirit. Join the battle and win or lose – it’s up to you. Join monthly events with new heroes and additional story missions. The game allows your heroes to fight while you have other missions to complete. When you’re done, collect rewards, improve your hero and collect new epic cats. You can also join the battle whenever you want and help your hero in battle.

The hard-fought battle will be recreated in the game

Castle Cats with over 150 heroes with different abilities, so it’s easy to choose the warrior that’s right for you. As you join the game, you can summon “Cats, DEVELOP and DECLARE CHARACTERS” with new skills and outfits. In addition, you must also collect “CATEUS CELEBRITY CATS” such as Cole and Marmalade, Hosico, Monty, Nala, and Waffles to increase combat power for the entire world team. In particular, you can customize leaders to choose an outstanding and outstanding factor. Collect over 100 different items for your leader and customize it to your liking. Regularly updated events such as SUPERHERO, CELEBRITY, HOLIDAY, SUMMER and WINTER are always ready for battle.

The game attracts players with a special and unique storyline where you can follow the cats and defeat the “Evil PUGOMANCER”. Each event includes 15 missions with fun content, but just as many challenges and difficulties. Create 2 more Alchemy heroes, become an innocent guardian of Catania with a magical thundercloud and achieve infinite speed with a super-fast hero roll. Many items will help lead your entire army to better things, even superheroes will help fly across the galaxy (with the cape). Catch black spiders, sew capes to create chemicals to kill enemies more easily.

With vivid graphics, images of warrior cats are portrayed as talented and powerful, yet cute at the same time. “Castle Cats” will take you to a completely different world where only warriors are always ready to fight. What are you waiting for without downloading and testing?

Download Castle Cats

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