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Version: 1.1.7

cell expansion wars 1.1.7

System requirements: 4.1+

Cell Expansion Wars is a strategy game with simple gameplay that will encourage the player’s tactical abilities along with several other skills. The game has simple features, but it makes the gameplay more appealing and players will have more fun playing the game. The game was originally designed to be simple, with bright graphics, bright colors and vivid sound. There will be countless challenges for players in the game, and each challenge is a battle in which the player must show his tactical abilities. 


The gameplay is simple and focused on tactical elements, unlike other tactical games, gameplay in this game will focus on the calculated strength of the player. In addition, the player must logically change the distribution of power to convert attack to defense and support each other while the opponent attacks. Players must also know how to choose an enemy before attacking to avoid difficult losses, and gameplay will be slow so that the player can deploy an army in a timely manner. The player’s task is endless, but the further he progresses, the more enemies there are and the player will spend more time overcoming the challenge. However, with some of the game’s built-in features, they will make gameplay more fun and interesting, such as the upgrade system.

Easy Controls

The control mechanism is simple, and almost everything can be done with a simple drag and drop. Small bubbles will appear on the battlefield, and numbers will appear on them. Two colors will determine their faction, and this represents the two powers. These bubbles have many different roles on the battlefield, and they depend on how the player controls them. But the bubbles closest to the enemy will undoubtedly be defense points. The enemy has an unexpected path, and the player must attack before the situation deteriorates. Moreover, players need to know the balance of attack and defense, because the enemy will use some unique tactics that can disrupt the player’s tactics.

Players can use different strategies

The bubbles are connected by a straight line, with the numbers on them symbolizing strength. The higher the number of balls, the stronger the ball, and it can absorb the ball with lower numbers. Depending on how the player connects, he will determine the role of the bubbles. If the player connects directly with his opponent, the attack process begins and it takes some time to win. But if the player is attacked, he can still use the surrounding bubbles to reconnect and prevent the attack. The control mechanism is simple and the rules are clear, but the player must make the right choices to avoid being destroyed.

Varied and unique mini-games

And the numbers on the ball will not change even if the players connect them, but if the value after connecting more than the opponent’s attack, they can counterattack. Because of this, players should prioritize capturing small bubbles from their opponent. Players should also direct their energies to quickly join forces to counter the opponent’s

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