Clash Of Islands : War 1.13.35
Version: 1.13.35

Clash Of Islands : War 1.13.35

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System requirements: 7.0+

A real-time casual strategy game in which you place weapon buildings on squares to fortify soaring islands and fight! Plenty of basic content!

Clash Of Islands: War is a casual, real-time strategy game in which combat is conducted by deploying attack buildings, such as cannons and crushing rams, to fortify hovering islands. It’s a nautical adventure with a unique worldview, set in a setting where armed floating islands fight each other. Build buildings in the island squares, and not only attack, but also build fields and houses to raise funds. In addition to battles on floating islands, challenge the various content on your base and go on an adventure to the ocean!

Battle in automatic mode by placing attack buildings like cannons on the island!

Change the formation and bombard each other! Formation decides victory or defeat! Place different buildings on the cells of the flying island to create a formation for the enemy to attack. Combat is fully automatic, so it’s very important what to do with that formation. If you destroy the enemy’s main shelter, you win, so you should aim for the shelter using the characteristics of each building.

Strengthen the main shelter and buildings!

There are buildings with different characteristics. It’s not just placement; it’s how you reinforce it that matters. Each building can be improved for money. The maximum level will be the level of the main shelter, so the most important tail will be the level of the main shelter. You can also earn money by placing “tags” on the building’s weapons at the base and by purchasing puzzle luggage and “trading” it. Use different contents to fortify your floating island.

It’s a surprisingly deep strategy and rich content!

The first formation is this; victory or defeat is determined by how you arrange it. The thing is, you can create different strategies by placing buildings and changing the shape of the island. Although the battle is automatic, you can change different structures, such as where to place the main shelter and where to attack the enemy. Looking at the enemy’s construction and changing the layout of your island to capture it is quite difficult.

Abundant content, it’s not just battles on floating islands!

It’s usually a story mode that takes over the scene, but there’s also a PVP mode that takes over other players’ floating islands. There’s a lot of haggling to decide how to proceed, so it’s also a mode where you can take your time. In addition, the aforementioned “trade” is a fusion puzzle, and it can even be played as one game. It’s like a set of different minigames, so it’s just fun to alternate between them.

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