Crack Shooter 2.0.8
Version: 2.0.8

Crack Shooter 2.0.8

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System requirements: 5.0+

Crack Shooter is a game with simple but detailed and attractive graphics. Bring attractive and interesting gameplay that is very easy to manipulate. The action takes place in the wild and majestic western country. It is the residence of cowboys with a strong temperament and courage. They will have to stand up to fight terrible enemies where they live. They are severely damaged and their loved ones are taken away. It is you who will help them pick up weapons and destroy the invading alien enemies. Regain your freedom on this majestic and vast land. Save your loved ones held captive by the aliens.

Interesting AdventureThe story is about a group of cowboys who embark on an adventurous journey to explore the Wild West. They find a better life and settle here. Leave civilized life behind and start riding to take their place in this land. Their seemingly peaceful life did not last long. Suddenly one day disgusting creatures appeared out of nowhere. They crawled out of nowhere and went on a rampage, killing the people around them. The destruction of all the farms and houses left the place in ruins and in a state of disrepair. Your mission is to stand up and destroy them.

CharactersIn Crack Shooter you can own many different characters. Each character will have a different form, personality, and power. To own these powerful and potent characters, you will need to buy them from the store. Use the power-ups collected in the levels to own them. Or you can complete daily quests set in the game to get more rewards. From there you can get more new and special characters. Combine them into a powerful squad. Use their flexible level switching to bring victory. Enjoy a collection of powerful cowboys.

Varied FeaturesThis Crack Shooter game alone has some very interesting features. The virtual joystick will allow you to dodge and roll as you want. Use it to dodge dangerous enemy bullets. Try to accumulate enough advanced character skills to easily destroy enemies on the map. Their use is smart and sensible to win. You can also create many cool and interesting combos with your abilities. These combos will help you destroy the enemy more easily in battle. Upgrade yourself very high to increase your power and unlock the full potential of the character you play.

Special WeaponsEach character will have a different weapon. In a match, you can flexibly switch between these weapons. Useful in different combat situations. In combat deals more damage to different opponents. Be a smart player and place them correctly. Use along with skillful evasion skills. Use them with great combinations to turn it into a weapon of destruction. Download the Crack Shooter mod now to explore the wild western world. Become a brave cowboy seeking to destroy bloodthirsty monsters. Bring peace and happiness to this beautiful country.

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