Cultist Simulator 3.6 b144
Version: 3.6 b144

Cultist Simulator 3.6 b144

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System requirements: 4.4+

Playdigious already There are many favorite products offering the best experience for players. This publisher doesn’t follow current trends to make a profit, but creates really quality games. Cultist Simulator is one of their recently released new games. It’s a game card, but unlike any other product nowadays, players don’t fight, they learn. 

In this latest product, players won’t be playing a hero to save the world. Simply, the ultimate goal in this game is to discover the most powerful magic. These things are not easy to discover, but you have to slowly gather information. Consequently, it has to go through stories, ordinary people, and life-threatening mysteries. You might say that the secret in horror games is as much as the products of monstrous colors common today.

Experiment. Die. Ascend.

First, “Cultist Simulator” simulates a complex and mysterious world. Players need to play very carefully if they don’t want to die. It also works in the style of a swearing narrative card game, which should be more rigorous in every move. Don’t die; you can’t die at any cost. Because if you lose your life, you have to play again. But “dying” is one of the most important rituals in the game, because you must summon the hidden gods, sacrifice yourself, and revive him as a being with high levels of magic.

Challenging role-playing gameplay

Thus, there are many ways in which this game can get you trapped in taboo magic. Don’t be greedy, but focus on what is most beneficial to use. But cards like Health, Strength, and Vitality will be useful, so risk your life. Each choice you make will lead to a different future, so be careful every step of the way. Ambition, appetite and nastiness, and many ways will challenge players, if not carefully considered, can die immediately.

As you enter the game, you may also witness rituals of sanity violation. These will be the strangest and creepiest things you have ever seen. These rituals require sacrifices and all around goals, corrupting your friends and destroying your enemies. Don’t be shy and agitate before your personal feelings; the work must be brutal and assertive. Absolute power, the treasure of god and immortality, is the gift of fighting and defeating the ego.

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