Doll Designer 1.8.1
Version: 1.8.1

Doll Designer 1.8.1

System requirements: 4.4+

Doll Designer will be a game in which you can demonstrate your current design talents. If you are looking for entertainment that can help you develop your abilities in costume or makeup design, this would be the right title. Coming to the game, players will be able to bring their passion and dreams to life by becoming a better fashion designer.


Doll Designer will give its players a major reason to unleash all of your artistic creativity. And to do this, the creators of the game have researched and developed a specific story related to the fashion show. And now there’s no time to wait, and you can get to work right away so you can get ready for the show.

This is a fashion show for dolls, so you need to know your dolls. You will need to choose the right beautiful fashion style for each beauty with a different shape. There will be many standards that you have to design for the doll models, including both the classic and the luxurious that the outfit represents.


The developers of the game decided that their game would be developed in the most important creative style. This is why players who favor creativity will always get the most attention or rewards. First, you’ll be able to design your own puppet to make a statement at an upcoming show. A brilliant designer will create a beautiful beauty.

Once you have everything ready, it’s time to use your creativity to take control of the game. The doll designer will allow you to comfortably perform many operations to buy your doll the best outfits to match them. All of your fashion abilities need to be used at the right time so that the beauties can be gorgeous in their own way.


For the game to be as exciting and appealing as possible, gameplay will be one of the main features the manufacturer has to pay attention to. Because of this, the game has been equipped with exciting and dramatic gameplay and provides very high dynamics. The game features a running style gameplay system for selecting the necessary items.

This gameplay will allow players to focus entirely on themselves rather than using annoying button operations. How to play will be extremely simple, and players will only need to tap and swipe to control their character with sensible purchases. But the creators of the game also know how to create challenges for you with the challenge. On the run, you’ll have to be very sharp in your thinking in order to decide on an outfit to perform in a short time.


Color is another important feature that the game must also pay attention to in order to best help its designers. Color will play a significant role in the design of the costumes to make them the most unique and exquisite. So you will have to work with different colors in the outfit so that they match each other and create an attractive whole.

The costume colors that Doll Designer brings will be part of the features that the game’s graphics will give you. Players will have to own the fashion game with image quality achieved at the highest level. This will help your costumes or dolls shine in the show through your fantastic creativity and clothing design skills.

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