Dont Starve: Shipwrecked 1.30
Version: 1.30

Dont Starve: Shipwrecked 1.30

System requirements: 5.0+

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is the next chapter of Don’t Starve, the super survival game officially released on your phone. why are you waiting? Download the game now! Hardcore gamers can’t forget the title “Don’t Starve,” one of the most challenging survival games in the virtual world. No direction, no game other than Don’t Starve throws players into a world full of death. Hunger, darkness, and ghosts wait to consume the protagonist … Gamers are always haunted every step of the way in Don’t Starve. The Best Survival Game.

Continuing the frenetic wanderlust, the next of “Don’t Starve” is ” Shipwreck,” bringing gamers to a whole new stage. With a frenzy of difficulty, in a harsh world, players need to try a little harder to survive. Don’t starve: Shipwreck early to get a big hit when it comes out on PC. Now, after a long time beating the best hardcore players in the world of gaming, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked continues its journey to Mobile to lay claim to mobile gamers. Just released on the App Store, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is ready to download and enjoy.Create a new world

As mentioned, Shipwrecked takes players to a whole new scene with tropical islands covered by four oceans. This is because of the transition to a completely different area, so gamers will also witness severe weather changes. Shipwreck will have four main seasons that change over time: mild, hurricane, monsoon, and dry. Each season will have a different character, such as Milda having long days and short nights, hurricane storms or monsoon floods everywhere. With these characteristics, the player’s life will be constantly altered by natural conditions, greatly affecting his path of survival.Highlights, key features

Explore an open world with many mysteriesDiscover creatures and plants on a desert island. You won’t think they existBuild your world on this island. Build a boat and explore the ocean.Time system, health indicators are displayed in detail, suitable for humans.In addition to climate change, the game also brings new geographies that gamers expect to discover. These could be long stretches of coastline, humid dense tropical jungle, hot strips of deep ocean lava with many eerie secrets. Of course, these areas will be inhabited by living species, ready to threaten players’ lives if you violate their territory. Not only that, gamers can create various items ranging from types of boats to move to unique weapons and armor.

This will be the place to invest your energy, because only those items you can survive in the harsh tropical climate Don’t Starve: Wrecked The graphics in Shipwrecked are still impressively designed, just like in previous versions. With meticulous and artistic 2D hand-drawn characters, in addition to a unique 3D environment. The details in the game still retain a unique style, quirky but equally fun and appealing.

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