Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny

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System requirements: 5.0+

Are you looking for a fun role-playing game with levels that get harder over time? One of the games of this genre worth trying is Doom & Destiny. Adventure with the protagonist, complete quests, defeat enemies to win the game.


Doom & Destiny is an adventure RPG. The game is a continuation of the RPG series developed by Heartbit Interactive Srl. If you are into action games, this developer is no stranger to games whose quality has been tested by gamers around the world. However, this game will not resemble any of the previous games they are developing; it is built on the continuation of an unfinished story in a past game. The game reeks of a new wind, a unique style in the RPG, action genre.


The game is built around a story between the main characters, Nerd and a beautiful friend about her visit to Benjamin’s house. They were hoping to start a new campaign, but soon discovered that something was wrong when they couldn’t find his house. And especially his basement turned into lava hell. They decided to prepare something to explore this hell. In this kingdom, they are greeted like true superheroes.

A select few heroes are destined to repel the threats called the Unknowns, creatures that have been created to bring this world to apocalypse. They have promised that they will return to their hometown, usually after completing their mission here and finding Benjamin’s clue. The game is entertaining; the events make this game unlike any of the previous games.


At its core, the game is very similar to its previous versions; however, the developer has tried to improve and change almost every detail of the game. In fact, the world in the game is built into the world in miniature, which ties the story of the game together. The game is structured in such a way that you can be chosen to get out of defeat; on the other hand, the game carefully encourages you to explore problems by providing more and more areas and scenarios. What happens next depends on the player’s preferences.

The turn-based combat feature of the game is implemented very well. At first glance, it doesn’t work like any other turn-based system. Each action is played out depending on the speed of each unit after those actions are confirmed. You can have many different ways and tactics to fight each enemy. Enemy strength also increases with subsequent challenges.

The bonus system of the game is specified according to each stage. You will receive power points after completing the game’s challenges. These power points also increase the strength of your equipment. In addition to certain locations in the game, there is also another mode in which you discover a secret location, and your goal is to destroy the main enemy in that location. The main side quest requires you to kill at least 15 enemies. By completing the side quest, you will automatically receive this mode’s reward. Usually the reward will be a bonus for you to improve your equipment.


The game has a solid and appealing graphics system, but that still doesn’t diminish the true nature of the game in the RPG, action genre. In the basic layout of the game, the player may occasionally dislike or be a bit pleased depending on the colors the developer uses, but this will never be a big problem for the game. The sound system and background music are quite smooth and fun, suitable for simple gameplay. This is a significant highlight of the game, but many people really don’t pay attention to it.

For users who must have a passion for RPGs, Doom & Destiny is the game users are looking for. Own your own role-playing game, thrilling action, go through different levels to win the game. You can experience it immediately without thinking about it. Today you need to find an entertaining and exciting game; the fight scenes in the game will please you.

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