Dungeon Village 2 1.3.8
Version: 1.3.8

Dungeon Village 2 1.3.8

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System requirements: 4.4+

In today’s modern life, the phone is something that cannot be left out of people’s reach as work and entertainment are integrated into this compact device. And phone games are not new to us, but finding an exciting game that brings creativity and entertainment is not easy. Today I’m going to present an exciting, simple game that doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t require a strong configuration to play. This game is Dungeon Village 2, an energetic game that appeals to everyone at first sight.

A game created by game developer Kairosoft. This developer has a treasure trove of games with casual graphics and very addictive gameplay for players. If you have played these developer games, you will definitely understand their uniqueness. Their simulation games often use what gamers are familiar with and eliminate a real problem. This makes the gameplay really relaxing and helps players get rid of everyday headaches and enjoy playing this game.

Everyone has been well received by most of the developer’s games, and Dungeon Village 2 is one of the most popular games in the Kairosoft family. It is an attractive Japanese style game. Your task in this game is to develop a wild and desolate village so that it becomes a Mecca for passionate adventurers. You could say it’s a game of intellectual, tactical, mixed with a few dramatic actions for the phone. Now let’s find out how to play and how much fun the game will bring!


Dungeon Village 2 offers players a story with truly entertaining content. The game has a story about a village that is always being attacked by monsters. The appearance of monsters dramatically affects the lives of the people in the village; they destroy and kill the lives of villagers, despising human lives like garbage. Now you will take on the role of village commander, rebuilding the village with a protective and reliable structure to withstand the destruction of the evil monsters. In addition to self-defense, you’ll also need an army to fight the enemy, so building an elite army is a must. The game has a great story and encourages all players to fight, so many players enjoy the game.


Once you enter the game world of Dungeon Village 2, you will become a great military leader. Build a city and rule it anywhere, whether it’s in a meadow, snow-covered fields, plunge into a mysterious underworld. There will be adventurers from everywhere in the game who will visit your city. When new adventures come, you need to use items and equipment to increase the power of the adventurers. Create many inns and gun stores to convince adventurers to visit them, collect many rare items by going to monster slaying stores.

Attracting many adventurers to your village is the main goal of the game. So try to build new facilities that sell new food, or improve the area to gain noble titles. Try to attract as many adventurers as possible, and you’re sure to win rare prizes. Once you have a certain reputation for attracting visitors, there will come a time when adventurers decide to move into your village to live. This will help increase the population of your village, which will contribute to the development of a strong city. The game has a simple but engaging cycle that allows players to go from building-hire-collecting money, so the game progresses in that sequence. The game allows players to chase money and fame wisely.

In addition, playing your cards right will help you find friendly monsters. They can join you. Then feed them delicious food and don’t get angry at them; they will become a powerful ally in your mission. It would be helpful if you also equipped your heroes with all sorts of weapons such as fire hammers, spears, ice, magic spells to create a beautiful and exciting monster hunt group. You can reduce the screen size according to the touch controls available on the game screen to get the best results.


Dungeon Village 2 is truly a game “worth its money” that everyone should try for a living. The game has many interesting moments that appeal to everyone – easy and simple pixel graphics, suitable for many models.

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