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System requirements: 5.0+

DYSMANTLE is a highly entertaining and high-quality end-of-world survival game with zombies, crafting, and, of course, loot. Loot. And more loot. The very name of the game hints at what the player will be doing most of the time. After all, a very large number of items and buildings can be turned into useful junk. Then you can collect various useful items to develop the story, as well as weapons. After all, the enemies are getting stronger and their behavior more dangerous with every meter you walk to your final destination. Therefore, excellent defense and accurate weapons are perfect for the protagonist in his attempts to evacuate the cursed island.

Download DYSMANTLE (menu mod) for Android screen 1Download DYSMANTLE (menu mod) for Android screen 2Download DYSMANTLE (menu mod) for Android screen 3Download DYSMANTLE (menu mod) for Android screen 4