Earn to Die 3 1.0.3
Version: 1.0.3

Earn to Die 3 1.0.3

System requirements: 4.2+

Creating new trends is always an important point of name confirmation for game developers. Therefore, the combination of the dominant game category is more attractive. Not Doppler has seized to release Earn to Die 3 . As expected, the launch of Earn to Die 3 received a lot of attention and positive reviews from players. Earn to Die 3, considered the best combination of action and racing genre on Google Play, has indeed brought Not Doppler great success and strengthened its reputation.

Gameplay .

In the game, your job is to drive cars down the road, with dozens of zombies waiting to drive you off again. The car is a shield, and the only weapon you have, run forward and level the zombies. But if you just hit the zombies, then really Earn to Die is not very appealing, the problem is that the track is not flat enough to allow you to let the gas go forward. The problem here is how you have to control how to traverse steep, downhill, and sometimes zigzag roads.

Usually zombies run away and kill zombies who are preparing to attack you, in Earn to Die you also have to drive an expert on cars. One more thing: the race track seems to have no end, but on a road full of life, you just have the ability to drive and survive. To improve the performance and speed of the cars, you can use the bonus you get to make improvements. After the upgrade, there will be more weapons to help you kill zombies more easily. At most you can get 8 different vehicles, additional parts will also support you a lot, maybe rockets, for example, will help speed up the car, you will quickly defeat zombies and advance further.

Earn to Die has a Story Mode where you can drive across the country in search of asylum. As you play, try to earn as much gold as possible and unlock some of the most valuable items in the game. The game also has a championship mode that you can choose from, compete against other players for a specified amount of time to snatch the prize and win the championship.


The interface is meticulously maintained, the operation of the game is quite smooth and stable. The details, the images are kept in a classic style. If you’ve ever played Beach Head, you won’t be surprised by this design. The animation effect is not bad. A variety of gear that players can explore and fight for free. The sound is visual, lively.

If you are a strong-willed fan, you really should try Earn to Die 3. The graphics are well done, combining action and racing won’t be boring. Zombies and flying punches will really quench your craving. So don’t forget Earn to Die.

Download Earn to Die 3 1.0.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 1Download Earn to Die 3 1.0.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 2Download Earn to Die 3 1.0.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 3Download Earn to Die 3 1.0.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 4Download Earn to Die 3 1.0.3 (Mod, Many Money) for Android screen 5

The game is bomba passing on the rest of the map trohilaget put 5 points

The game is fine, but after the update all started lagging fix it and it will be 5 stars