ElfYourself® 9.1.1
Version: 9.1.1

ElfYourself® 9.1.1

System requirements: 4.1+

There are millions of entertaining apps on Google Play that easily bring people together and make parties or celebrations even more enjoyable. Even many apps use advanced technology to make things more interesting, creating a new atmosphere between parties. One such app is ElfYourself , which transforms everyone into a fun and friendly elf with simple steps. The app also uses augmented reality technology to make faces more vivid and impressive. The elves of the West have always been famous for being Santa’s helpers during the Christmas holidays. With ElfYourself, users will have the opportunity to experience Christmas with a new experience as elves.


ElfYourself has a friendly interface as the Elves in Christmas and has a special design with many positive meanings. In addition, users can interact with the interface with many simple actions such as pinch, tap, turn, etc. etc. There will be a whole set of templates on the app’s home page that users can choose for themselves, accompanied by millions of themes and categories. so that they enjoy searching. Of course, the working interface will be as simple as possible, even interactive, so that users will be free to create fun invitation cards. The features of the app are many and useful; most of them are designed for Elf users themselves, so the interface will be organized and neatly arranged for better interaction with the user.


ElfYourself’s main function is to merge everyone’s faces into existing templates so that they become friendly invitation cards or banners. Everyone loves elves when they have adorable outfits and are accompanied by innocent actions. That’s why it’s best to feel like an elf at Christmas parties or wanting to give everyone nice gifts. The face transplant mechanism in the templates is simple; users only need to select a template style and then use all the portrait images available on the device. Users can also take photos directly and then combine them into templates, because the app only prioritizes using the user’s face for all content.


While embroidering the face in the templates, users will be assisted with a variety of handy tools and features to improve accuracy. Before doing so, the app automatically cuts out all human faces from selected documents and is carefully processed by the AI built into the app. Users can even insert up to 5 faces into the template, making greeting cards more impressive and engaging. During editing, users can resize faces, rotate, change colors, and apply a variety of fun features for everyone.


All application templates are greeting cards with a special feature that allows the user to match faces, become friendly and cute elves. In addition, users will be helped by text tools that allow them to easily add words and change fonts. This feature will turn all templates into real greeting cards. Moreover, users can change the theme of the template, design it themselves and have fun with all available resources. With ElfYourself, creating Christmas-themed greeting cards will be easier than ever.


ElfYourself is not just an app that collects everyone’s faces into adorable elves, but it will be integrated with the famous augmented reality technology. This technology uses intelligent and high-performance AI, easily inserting all the animation into the environment through the camera. Users can directly record these videos and quickly share them with friends or family. ElfYourself will also make all Elf-ed users more energetic, making every Christmas scene even more interesting. This feature is also easy to manipulate and use with simple operations, and users have AR videos with all the live and cute elves.

Share your greeting cards and videos with ease

During the holidays, sending greeting cards is an important form as well as giving each family a lot of happiness and blessings.

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