Elune 2.11.18
Version: 2.11.18

Elune 2.11.18

System requirements: 4.4+

Every myth of every nation, world, and universe is made up of many planets of two different realms. It is an endless inspiration for filmmakers and producers. The game world is currently sprawling, so the myths are being used to their full potential. Eluna is the name of the hero of the latest game of the same name. We can easily see that this is a story about the early days of the world with the new imagination of producer GAMEVIL. They give players a very horrible perspective of the Middle Ages.

The Great Chaos has passed, giving way to gods and humans who have begun to multiply and live on the earth. For a few thousand years everything goes on peacefully, but game time comes when the Devil begins to wake up and destroy the peaceful life here. Six Dimensions is a mysterious force that collapses and becomes a pile of chaos. Righteous Eluna must fight the destructive waves of waves from all sides. Dealing with all these difficulties and restoring world order is still their duty.


Although it may look like an RTS game, it is actually an RPG. However, we don’t need to explicitly define the genre of Elune, because there are many modes you can join. First, players will have to decide on their fighting style in order to choose the right squad. A full game team will have up to 5 characters at a time. In many cases, it’s best to flexibly adjust character classes. But the standard squad consists of four basic classes: tanker, swordsman, gunner, mage. They can work together in harmony to create continuous effects and continuous damage.

Each of you will have six different skills, including three passive skills and three abilities that can be activated individually. Having too many skills at once will require a lot of practice and mental preparation for difficult battles. The design team has assembled up to 190 Elune from 7 different classes, so you can always choose.

The designers have included many different game modes with attractive angles for each. In PvP mode, you’ll face an opponent on a horizontal screen, but the boss will be the third corner of the turn behind the team. The Mobius Dungeon is also a place where players can join them and find treasure. Even with full 3D graphics, the game will describe the depth and flexibility of all the characters and villains. Everything from the sound to the imagery turns Eluna into the perfect creature.

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