Version: 1.0.8


System requirements: 4.4+

Erua Saga is a role-playing game in which players will accompany two characters chosen by fate to go up against evil after the disappearance of humanity’s heroes. You will lead them through many challenging battles and use impressive skills to destroy powerful enemies. At the same time, you’ll be impressed as you recruit new allies to diversify your squad.


The story of Erua Saga begins as the heroes of the human faction reach the castle of Rudin and prepare to face the enemies waiting for them. They learn that the next enemies are monsters and that Lukan and Lukan are among the six captains and berserkers of death. His power is astounding and requires caution on the part of those taking part in the battle. Waves of monsters appeared, and the heroes quickly destroyed them.

After the regular monsters were completely destroyed, a dark cloud appeared. In particular, one of the key enemy characters, Thalass, the Dark Lord of Crocella, appeared, and his strength surpasses that of the human side warriors. They prepared to fight him, but they could not avoid Thalass’ widespread attack. Therefore, humanity’s last hope is completely gone, and only a new generation of heroes can be expected.


The story continues in the Erua saga and returns to two characters, Evilia and Dean, who have a natural ability to fight monsters. The monsters continued to appear, and the goddess Lamela appeared. In particular, she found hope for humanity and took these two characters to fight the monsters that keep appearing and present many dangers. In addition, they will accompany the other characters to destroy the enemy.

Players will take part in a journey to destroy monsters with the three main characters on the team. You can control your character with the control buttons typical of role-playing games, from basic attacks to impressive special skills. That said, all the fun doesn’t stop there when you can change the character and use it in a variety of ways. Dean is a character with a penchant for defense and hand-to-hand combat; Evilia is an archer who can attack enemies and deal massive damage from a great distance.

When you start a level, the interesting thing is that you can summon heroes you don’t have into battle to support you. They can appear only briefly until they disappear, which is useful when facing large monsters. In particular, they are similar to bosses in games of the same genre, so you have to be careful when using your skills and move properly to dodge attacks.

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