Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6
Version: 2.2.6

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6

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System requirements: 5.0+

At all times in the history of mankind, heroes have always been shown. They are still people who inspire ordinary people and protect the world from danger. In the legends, real heroes fight demons and forces that harm the Earth. If you want to feel like such a hero, you can easily experiment in Evil Lands: Online Action RPG . Actually, this is a product made by a manufacturer with great enthusiasm. This is only their first product on Google Play, so specific bugs are inevitable. However, they always keep track of the reflection of the sky on their main page on Google Play. So things will start to change as soon as the new patches come out.


Do you know the price people have to pay to defeat demons? Perhaps the price is that hundreds of thousands of families have lost their homes. Armies had to fight; the king lost his trusted servants. Frankly, “Evil Lands: Online Action RPG” depicts a world in which the Devil rages, making it impossible for people to remain calm during the day. Right now, the king needs the intervention of heroes, and you are one of them. With a simple and straightforward walkthrough, players will follow a linearly constructed storyline that gradually progresses through many challenges and progresses to become the bravest hero. Even though it is not very new, it still evokes a sense of appeal thanks to the new design as well as the manufacturer’s special interpretation that makes players feel excited.


The Wicked Lands is a place where no human face can live. Thanks to the medieval design, players will witness only spectacular stories and histories. What’s more, this time around, the game will incorporate new perspectives from the maker, making it a mix of classic and modern. The combat mechanism, while similar to an ARPG game, allows the player to see everything over the shoulder in a third perspective. It hardly goes the way of earlier games of the same genre. This time, you won’t be able to observe too many things, but instead focus only on attacking anything that appears right in front of you.

The game’s map really didn’t show the paths and locations of the monsters. There was a small light space up ahead that allowed the player to know how many monsters were approaching. This is what forces the player to explore the entire large map on his own to find all the monsters, as well as to look for the Boss. It also contains danger and anxiety; if you are not careful but rush into a place with too many monsters, you will probably have to play again from the beginning. Attractive and epic sounds with epic soundtracks are integrated into the game by a dedicated music creation team, each set with a different nuance.


Participating in Evil Lands: Online Action RPG, players will use their full potential to defeat monsters, dragons, and bosses lurking in the Evil Lands. But before you can complete it all, the player will have to choose a character. This seems to be one of the forced steps in such role-playing games, where you can choose different character classes to suit your fighting style. You can choose MightyMage, Shadow, Paladin,… and many other character classes that have skills that are perfectly designed and can be easily combined to create combos. However, when you fight and run combos, keep an eye on your energy level. If you run out of energy, you will no longer be able to use AA skills and attacks.

The mission in the game is also varied, as it takes you through many different lands and allows you to challenge yourself in co-op or PVP. When you defeat monsters, you will encounter the most horrible creatures from the legends, such as the Undead King, the Fallen Troll, the Vicious Creature… Observe their power.

Download Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6 (Mod, dumbbots) on Android screen 1Download Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6 (Mod, dumbbots) on Android screen 2Download Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6 (Mod, dumbbots) on Android screen 3Download Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6 (Mod, dumbbots) on Android screen 4Download Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 2.2.6 (Mod, dumbbots) on Android screen 5

Hello, dear developers. The game is very nice all just flawless, but not enough storyline. Please add daily tasks, as well as the market system between the players or the game itself. I mean, that you can trade things. The game is worth the attention, do not drop it, it will be very popular! Thank you!

Game of course elegant, but as for me raw Graphics can not change somehow (I automatically set to low) are often slow slowing is not critical but annoying Spot on your class falls very, very rarely, but the other classes dofigah So also not enough maunts, and more classes of gold also not enough Well, just playable)

In general, the best that I played in this genre on the phone! Very linage2 reminds me of and it’s cool! The only thing I do not understand why the killer class fights with swords, in my opinion so should be, knives, daggers + skills suitable for the killer such as backstabbing blow from the shadows! Now the main thing is not to screw up and do not kill the game greed.

A boring game with clumsy animation, gameplay, a delusional plot, a lot of useless running around, no customization, etc. The graphics are no different from similar games and are not worthy of attention. The whole game – you run around a small room world and kill mobs on a quest. Naubivavshis, go to the next room and repeat. Not worth the attention and time.

The game isn’t bad, but it’s still very much underdeveloped. Problem with the invisible enemies can still be experienced, with unkillable (standing in place) enemies are also creaky, but tolerated. But when the job does not count – this is too much. Killed three orc leaders, and the quest hangs.

Evv. developers, fix a bug in the game, associated with the attack button. 10 minutes is normal, then do not press. such attitude to feedback and fix bugs, spoil your reputation. waiting a couple of days, if you do not fix it, I will delete the game.

Very cool game! Thanks a lot to the developers for this game! Captures completely, you can not tear yourself away! I recommend everyone! In a group with other players can pass missions with bosses of any complexity. Hopefully soon there will be a continuation of the game Evil Lands! Freezes or glitches not noticed in the game.Stavlyu 5 ☆☆☆☆☆.Game guys just Suupeeer!!!

The control is bad, if the developers are interested I will explain what exactly prevents. Fix the problem with the reconnection to the server, when you beat a strong boss with difficulty for half an hour and at the end when he almost killed you switch to another server and the boss’s xp naturally restored. At this point, not just want to delete the game.

I give it five stars. Music, graphics, battles, clever system of upgrading skills and equipment. The dialogues are interesting, the quests. The only thing it boils down to is that you have to go and slap some enemy. I wish there was a little variety in the quests and in the management. For example, getting on a horse, it is so lacking. I would even just ride it, you have such beautiful scenery. All in all, for a rpg on a mobile/tablet, it’s unrealistically cool! Reminds me of the music of The Witcher and Heroes 5))).