Exos Heroes 2.3.3
Version: 2.3.3

Exos Heroes 2.3.3

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System requirements: 5.0+


Where is Exestruck? The continent of Exos is threatened by a great evil…

Bitru, the legendary dragon… Zion, the treasure hunter. These two powerful heroes have teamed up to find the missing sword Exestruk. Many adventures await you as you explore the free world of Japanese RPG. Get ready to download Exos Heroes for Android.

This fabulous world has many magical experiences and mysteries for you to solve as you travel through the continent of Exos. All the while, collect more heroes for your team. To be precise, there are a couple of hundred heroes in the game that you can collect.

In addition, you will play Exos Heroes with beautiful graphics and visuals. The game offers a unique style of anime art for each character, which you can fully appreciate in the game.

Not only that, each character is full of personality. The game features a well-colored design and decent voice acting. This combination leaves some very charismatic and likable characters. Just by watching their animations, you immediately understand what they are about.

The hero collection game involves the “GACHA” system. What is GACHA? Basically, a GACHA game is a game that works similarly to a bubble gum machine. After you put your money into the system, you are given a random hero to use.

Also, sometimes you will get a chewing gum of the same color. Other times you will get a very rare chewing gum. In the end, it all depends on your luck.

Since each hero has a different rating and rarity, you’ll need to catch the best ones. Don’t settle for a 3-star hero. Don’t stop until you get that legendary 5-star hero! Read more about Exos HeroesYou’ll learn many more amazing details as you play Exos Heroes. Discover all these extra parts of the game:Eventually, you’ll discover a controllable airship in the game that will be used to move around Exos.The open world map is vast and always fun to explore. Roaming is encouraged, although we also recommend playing the game’s main story.Traditional turn-based RPG gameplay with an added feature. The Break system allows each character to gain an advantage or disadvantage in combat, depending on their attribute. Learn the font advantage and use it to form an unbeatable team of fighters.In addition, characters have special skills that you can use by spending mana.Fully voiced 3D-rolls, complemented by stunning scenes with text boxes in the style of 2D graphics, give variety for all. You can change the voiceover languages from English to Korean or Japanese.Exploring gameplay

In a turn-based JRPG, it’s very easy to get used to how the controls work. A tap, a tap, and another tap is all it takes. In fact, you can play with one hand and even perform multiple tasks at once. Nevertheless, Exos Heroes lives up to the hype because it no longer has a well-known IP.

That said, just clicking is not enough to win. You will need to learn different types of play. Fortunately, each type of character is displayed in its stats.

GACHA games also use a poor power scaling system. Heroes with a lower star could never match the brilliance of 5-star heroes. You just have to try your best to collect the rarest character in advance.

After learning the gameplay, you can also participate in PvP to test your luck with other players. Don’t forget to develop a good strategy with a competent team to execute your plan.

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