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Family Island 2022200.0.21425

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Modern technology is what makes people’s lives more comfortable than ever. There is no denying the benefits of advanced technology for people, and it was created by people to serve their own lives. But people are increasingly dependent on technology, causing them to lose their innate instincts. Have you ever imagined that one day without technology your life would be okay? Do you ask yourself how our ancestors lived without the help of technology? Everyone imagined it that way at some point, but we often forget that question and continue to immerse ourselves in technology. 

All the answers will be given in the game Family Island , developed by Melsoft Games. This is a game company that was founded in 2008, but they have many well-known games, such as Toy Defense Fantasy, Toy Defense 2 … All of these games are well known and have gained popularity with the audience. Coming into the game this time, you will experience the life of a man in the Stone Age. What will they do to survive in an era without the help of modern technology?


Players will return to the Stone Age, when humans still lead a simple lifestyle and must survive by obtaining food. You will be the companion of a family of 4, including the couple Bruce and Eva with their son and daughter. They are lost on a deserted island in the middle of the sea, and they have nothing useful to help them. At first, after arriving on this island, they had difficulty because once they got used to technological life, it would be difficult to return to the wilderness. But they have no other way, and if they want to survive, the only way is to awaken the instinct hidden in every human being. Can they survive on this uninhabited island? All the questions will be answered in this game, come and accompany Bruce and Eva’s family.


The gameplay is simple and somewhat similar to farming games such as Happy Farm, players themselves will grow and breed animals to prepare food. The player’s only task when entering the game is to help Bruce’s family survive and give them positive thoughts about it. Initially, there will only be barren land with no life, and players must upgrade these lands so they can be cultivated. The gameplay is simple, but very addictive, and players will have to be addicted to the gameplay from the beginning of the game.

In addition to growing food crops such as rice, wheat … the player must also raise animals to get meat from them. Animals such as pigs, cows, goats … players will first have to use traps so that they can be caught. After the player is able to catch them, the player can tame them to turn them into their pets so they can have fun. You also have responsibilities such as harvesting crops when they are ripe, and you have to feed your pets so they can ripen. The gameplay is simple, but will bring players exciting moments when playing the game.


Technology DevelopmentPlayers can use their modern knowledge to be able to build more modern objects. But these things will make life a lot easier for the characters in the game. Objects that players can build, such as houses, kitchens, outdoor play areas … to make life more fun and get rid of negative thoughts. But to build these objects, the player will have to gather the necessary materials such as wood, stone, leather …

UpgradeIn addition to building these objects, the player can also upgrade his objects to make them more modern. Initially, the player will only be able to build simple structures and use them only for shelter. Once upgraded, they will become things to live and bore in. But players will also have to use a lot of materials to do this.


The game’s 2D graphics are extremely lively and colorful to be able to grab the player’s attention. The game’s effects are also beautifully polished to give the player the best experience. Come to Family Island to experience the thrilling adventures of the people of the Stone Age.

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