Farming Simulator 20 - Google
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Farming Simulator 20 - Google

System requirements: 7.0+

The world-famous farming franchise is finally back with the latest gameplay in Farming Simulator 20. Here you will find that you have access to all aspects of managing and operating your own farms. Learn to work on several farming tasks, from planting and tending crops in the fields to managing your animals.

Take part in an in-depth farm simulator experience as you have the opportunity to do almost any job on your farm, even the financial business. Feel free to drive your trucks around town and sell your crops to various merchants.

Work hard and look for opportunities to expand your farm. Hire new helpers to help you with your daily tasks, expand your fields so you can plant more crops. Buy new machines to industrialize your farm work. And more.

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The Story

Android gamers who are interested in the farming business are sure to be fully immersed in the amazing and in-depth gameplay of Farming Simulator 20. Get a whole farm, learn how to run it, and try your best to make it thrive.

With a familiar North American environment setting and plenty of available machinery, you’ll enjoy an amazing and industrialized farming business in the region. Feel free to work several areas of the farm from fields to barns.

And at the same time, learn how to run your own business while effectively managing your financial situation. Start by choosing what to grow next season, hire helpers to work the field, or do it yourself to save money. Do whatever you need to do to get ahead in Farming Simulator 20.


Here you will find all the interesting features the game has to offer:

Explore complete and comprehensive farming gameplayFor those of you who are interested, Farming Simulator 20 will allow you to fully immerse yourself in an awesome farming experience in which you can explore all the interesting aspects of farming. Create yourself an entire farm with many different areas, from farming in the fields to caring for livestock. Enjoy full and comprehensive gameplay right on your mobile devices when you have the time.

Find Yourself Riding Amazing Farm MachineryA to introduce gamers to the real-life experience of industrial agriculture, the game will also introduce you to a huge collection of incredible machines. Get access to over 100 different vehicles and machines that are designed to enhance your agricultural performance.

Learn more about the farming business by learning to drive these amazing machines. Use them to tilt and till the soil, sow seeds, and harvest them. With a realistic view of the cab, you can always feel like you’re actually driving a real machine. And if you want, you can always switch to the standard third-person view, which allows you to make more precise turns. Nevertheless, you will enjoy this amazing agricultural game to the fullest.

Learn how to take care of your livestockBesides planting and tending your crops, players in Farming Simulator 20 are also allowed to enjoy the game by having their own cattle farms. A field of barns with cows, sheep, pigs, horses and the like. Take care of them as you produce and sell milk, wool and meat at the market or to other merchants. Feel free to chat with them, talk to them and feed them regularly to produce the best products. And every now and then you can also enjoy some awesome Farming Simulator gameplay by riding your horses and discovering beautiful surroundings.

Hundreds of amazing crops to harvestAs you progress through the game, you’ll also gain access to different crops you can plant in your fields. Have wheat, barley, canola, oats, sunflowers, soybeans, corn, potatoes and the like all planted in different parts of your fields. And to do that, you’ll also learn a lot about planting methods and how to care for each crop, which is absolutely phenomenal.

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