Version: 2.0.1


System requirements: 4.0+

Final Fantasy IV is the fourth installment of the famous Final Fantasy SQUARE ENIX series. It was first launched worldwide in 1991. After a while it was widely known on many platforms and finally appeared on the mobile platform. Final Fantasy games often build the story in a fantastical, abstract world with lots of new elements and create a new breeze for the fantasy RPG genre. Interestingly, all of the Final Fantasy games do not have an interconnected plot, although they share the same universe, each part will tell the adventures of a different character. The variety of plots and characters is an exciting feature of the Final Fantasy series, which also gives players a new experience for the adventure genre.


The game’s gameplay is well thought out, allowing players to enjoy the game to the fullest. At the same time, the game’s story is intense, dramatic, engaging and presents players with plenty of surprises. Even in the game there will be a lot of high-quality voice-over clips for the players. The Final Fantasy series is known for its ability to deliver story content and gives players many different emotions for each character.

The game’s plot unfolds in a vast fantasy world with many secrets, locations and adventures for players to explore. Players cannot move freely between locations, but the storyline will gradually reveal new locations to players. In other words, the storyline greatly affects gameplay, it gradually opens up new features, new mechanics, and new characters that players can accompany.

New mechanics, new characters…

There are also many different mechanics in this game that make the gameplay more interesting. Thus, players need to know how to use the different features to change or improve the overall strength of the team. There will also be some other interesting features in the game, allowing users to use all of the abilities of each character that the player has assembled. Although the game only allows players to use up to 5 different characters in combat, there will be many different characters in the story.

Each character has a unique feature and usually their skill set, so there are augmentations in the game. The Augment feature allows players to switch skills between characters, thereby creating many different tactics for the squad. The Augment feature is a new thing in the RPG genre, forcing players to use different characters to progress through the story.

Many different game modes, explore new openness

As players roam the world, they can encounter any local enemies. There are monsters, but there are also humans, everything hostile is the enemy of the player, and destroying them is a task to be completed. When the player encounters an enemy, the player enters combat mode. The game has a turn-based combat mechanic, and the player controls all the characters with everything they have to fight. Of course, the player must also know how to use the most effective tactics depending on the type of enemy. The variety of teams, characters, and skills is a major advantage for Final Fantasy IV players.

Combat is not easy

In combat mode, players can use many different actions such as attacks, using skills, using items, etc. Each time a player uses a skill, the character consumes a certain amount of MP, and the skill will cool down after a few turns. As for items, there are many different items that players can use in battles, such as recovery items, attack items, and enhancements. Players need to know how to use everything in battle, sometimes the player will have to face a boss, so practice in turn-based management is essential. Each time the player exits the battle state, the squad’s physical strength is fully restored, so that the player can deal with other enemies in case of a clash. However, in the future the player will encounter stronger enemies. Consequently, players need to know how to coordinate equipment properly.

Stunning 3D graphics

Final Fantasy IV was originally developed in 1990, so its graphics are not perfect and the character model is not detailed. But since it came out on the mobile platform, its graphics have completely changed. It has become more beautiful, colorful and vividly detailed. The improved graphics on the mobile platform will give players a different experience during battles or adventures around the world.

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