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Version: 2.4.5

Fishing hook 2.4.5

System requirements: 4.1+

Mobirix is no longer too strange a name for the gaming community. Thanks to the hot products created by the company, Mobirix has become a seasoned old man of simple and easy entertainment. The game’s name always satisfies most players’ entertainment needs. While the game is not as heavy as many blockbuster, virtual reality games, the results are just as satisfying as the blockbusters. And Fishing Hook is one of Mobyrix’s main trump cards. Fishing Hook is the second product after the success of its predecessor, Fishing Hook. Despite the fact that it was released some time ago, the game’s charm has shown no signs of decline. Featuring a style of picnic fishing, players will be happy to validate their fishing.

Experience the most authentic fishing experience

By coming to Fishing Hook, players will experience the true feeling of fishing. The game is quite simple, players just get on a boat and throw their fishing rods into the sea. After a short time there will be fish to your rod. At this point, the player needs to stop and wait for the fish to be sure to connect.

However, in order for the fish to get to you, you need to pull the rope short so that you can catch it. If you want to catch high-value fish, make the line very long and stretchy. Big fish, precious, will immediately pray, even the sperm whale among them. But catching this fish is unnatural because one reason has to do with the ability to pull and choose the right time, and the other reason has to do with luck catching the fish on the hook. The toughness of a fish is measured by the degree of damage you can do to it. The more injured the fish is, the easier it is to get the boat out.

Another important factor in improving your fishing skills is the quality of the rod. Initially, players will only experience basic needs. The first fish will be a prerequisite for developing and upgrading rods later on. The more expensive the fish, the higher the quality and cost. Equals a longer and stronger string. This allows the player to fish the open sea and reach bigger fish. But to get a good rod, you have to necessarily spend a lot of money. Because of this, we have to work hard to catch the average fish. After practicing the hauling technique, the bigger ones will be extremely difficult.


Although this is just sport fishing, the quality of the graphics in Fishing Hook exceeds all expectations, and the 3D style offers a smooth, true experience. Effect details are soft, flexible, and the physics are quite modern. The imagery is detailed, meticulously crafted. Simple controls, the function keys are quite small because the gameplay is simple. The layout of the impressions space is exceptionally spacious, comfortable; the experience is no longer disturbing. Extremely realistic sound effects, not unlike reality. Information is fully described, helping the player to understand the specific situation most fully.

With an extremely high quality finish for an easy game like Fishing Hook, if you want to aim for a sporty

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I really liked the game! I love these games. I want to pay special attention to the ads. I did not notice any ads in the game! Thank you very much for the wonderful game!