Food Fighter Clicker 1.8.0
Version: 1.8.0

Food Fighter Clicker 1.8.0

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System requirements: 4.4+

Are you passionate about culinary discoveries and want to try many unique dishes; Food Fighter Clicker is the game for you. You will have many attractive dishes to enjoy with coupons released every day and the best game in the game. Download the game directly to your device to get lost in the land of this culinary world; you will have moments of relaxation and excitement, and you will discover many attractive gifts from the game.


With the simple gameplay of Food Fighter Clicker, when it is a playable clicker game, you need to eat food and develop your ability to eat stronger through faster chewing, more food, larger mouth size and larger stomach volume. more to accommodate more food. You’ll evolve into a character with less food, from hard-boiled eggs to hearty meals, and you’ll gradually grow as you eat. The game gives players a sense of humor as they watch their own characters eat comfortably.

You’ll eat less at first, but you’ll have a respectable meal with a bottomless belly that digests quickly as you level up. The fuller your character is, the higher he or she will be ranked; the game offers you plenty of food to suit your preferences. You can also change your character’s clothes according to each level to upgrade your character, such as changing hairstyles, makeup cabinets and boards to make your character look prettier.


Unlocking food in higher levels will make your food inventory richer. When your character is given food, if there’s too little food, you won’t get full, and it increases your upgrade time, so you need to give food to fill his stomach. There’s a whole world of food waiting for you, so train your hands to make your character develop faster. You’ll get diamonds if you have a good achievement when completing challenges in the game.

Food Fighter Clicker tests your eating skills, and you can safely eat the foods you like in the game, or even earn money by eating a lot. The more you eat, the more you improve your bite power, bite strength, and chewing ability. Remember that you eat a lot; you benefit when you get a lot of rewards for overcoming challenges. For example, you can unlock foods to earn more money.


In this game, you have to click to show off your eating skills. Turn yourself into a superfood in this fun game to chew and eat at the click of a button. But it would be nice if you were also careful with the knife in your tool, as it is also dangerous for you. Eat quickly, because there are some problems with time. If you feel too full, go to the bathroom.

Since the Food Fighter Clicker’s only goal is to eat as much as you can, sometimes you will encounter difficult problems. For example, your first task is to eat ten hard-boiled eggs in 30 seconds, which may seem difficult, but you’ll get a lot of diamonds if you pass. The more you move to the next level, the better you have to eat and overcome more problems, so you need to eat a lot to hone your eating skills first. The board will also appear so you know your information in the game and your level in the stats.


With in-game challenges to help you improve your eating skills. You need money to improve things like Be Chew Force, Critical Chew, Probability, Byte Force… so you need to improve your eating skills to earn money and go higher.

We eat food every day, so improving food skills is also important; Above all, the game is suitable for you to teach young children how to eat delicious, to stimulate the child’s appetite for food so that they will be anorexic. That’s useful when you use games to teach children, isn’t it? In addition, the game also makes you happy by participating in a variety of food images that make you more interested in food.

Food Fighter Clicker is where you show your passion for food. Complete challenges to become a better food fighter. This can help you set a record by competing against other players.

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