Footej Camera 2 - PRO HD CAM 1.1.6
Version: 1.1.6

Footej Camera 2 - PRO HD CAM 1.1.6

System requirements: 5.0+

Footej Camera 2 is a continuation of Footej Camera, but with many improvements, modern features and full control over the AI control. It can improve or change the default performance of the device’s built-in camera to give users stunning results and wonders when taking photos or recording videos. It also has extensive and rich customization, giving more ideas for creating many unique or stylish shooting styles.


The Footej Camera 2 enhancement will make the device’s camera more flexible and superior, as well as getting more support for artificial intelligence. This helps it capture images with a smoother feel and increase the resolution or shooting distance to create high-quality photos. The improvement is greatly enhanced when the device is equipped with a multi-camera, which promises to open up many new possibilities when shooting like a professional photographer.


Focus and exposure are now more sensitive and smooth based on Footej Camera 2’s built-in artificial intelligence, making photography more artistic. These elements are almost as important in most modern photos, where adjusting brightness or blurring other objects makes any content more prominent. Of course, users can make them work automatically or select them manually to get positive results.


The advanced artificial intelligence built into the system also influences video capture to create higher quality content than simple and boring videos. In addition, artificial intelligence can raise the maximum frame rate, adjust lighting in real time and automatically remove unnecessary details in videos. With these enhancements, users’ videos will become more perfect and will be saved in RAW format in preparation for editing.


Users can use the quick snapshot feature to crop an image without switching modes while recording video. Of course, the photos taken will have all the properties from the settings that the user applies in the video preset. Everything is automatically edited to save more time when editing, rather than keeping the image raw and unedited. What’s more, when recording video at high frame rates, there will be no traces of blur or loss of focus in the photos taken.


An additional feature introduced to Footej Camera 2 users for the first time will be a mode for creating single-frame videos instead of manual editing. Creating a slow motion video is also easy and convenient, and the user can make the video automatically edit the extra segments based on the available settings. Of course, they can insert realistic sound effects into each segment for the best quality of all content.

Footej Camera 2 is one of the most advanced and exceptional video and photo recorders that even automatically updates and develops some features over time. Not only that, users have full control over everything, allowing them to customize or change things according to their style to create a multitude of flawless and polished products.

Download Footej Camera 2 – PRO HD CAM 1.1.6 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 1Download Footej Camera 2 – PRO HD CAM 1.1.6 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 2Download Footej Camera 2 – PRO HD CAM 1.1.6 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 3Download Footej Camera 2 – PRO HD CAM 1.1.6 (Mod, Unlocked) for Android screen 4