Formorian War 1.0.3
Version: 1.0.3

Formorian War 1.0.3

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System requirements: 4.4+

Formorian War will be a game capable of entertaining players through its varied imagination. It would be an ideal choice if you like to participate in very creative character role-playing games. In this game, players will be directly involved in a long, interactive novel of about 35,000 words, written and completed by author Liam Parker. The game is designed with a unique play style in which you can interact with your story, making choices you feel are appropriate. Follow My Story to truly experience the stories the characters go through on their journey.

In addition to the special gameplay system that allows players to interact directly with the story, the in-game context that is created is also exciting. One of the first tasks players will have to complete is to make the decision they think is the right one in choosing their family. This will be one of the decisive choices in the game, because the different families the player chooses can give them different experiences. And the action of the game will take place in an extremely mysterious fantasy kingdom called Albion, and all players will want to be able to join the adventure. Going through the many different stories within the novel that the game wants to tell will be able to help you uncover the mystery that this Kingdom possesses.

In addition, another challenge that the player will have to solve in his game is to find the solution to a mysterious old prophecy and join forces with mystical creatures. And the game will open with a world of magic and chaos, where you can’t trust anyone, when everyone will be the enemy except yourself. Thus, you will need to join forces with your enemies to deal with other enemies in order to be able to work toward the goal of saving this Kingdom. One of the most special features the game wants to offer its players is a text-based retelling of the story using written words. This will be a great opportunity for you to practice your ability to read novels and analyze situations, drawing on your rich imagination.

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