Galaxy Genome Space Sim 11.5.3
Version: 11.5.3

Galaxy Genome Space Sim 11.5.3

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System requirements: 4.4+

The Galaxy Genome is the super product you are trying to get because of its inherent characteristics. It is a unique adventure game, and players will have the opportunity to control special flying ships. Each adventure will take place in a specific period, and players will have a chance to conquer a unique alien world. Here players can see other planets, stars, a blazing sun and thousands of other flying ships. A great challenge will be taken from there, and thousands of intrigues will be allowed to arise.


This is a game for those with an unquenchable passion for space adventure. This adventure is exactly the kind of game that satisfies all those who dream of mastering the vast universe. Players will be able to fly an airship on their own and make a discovery. This exploration will take you where you are going and also help you realize your big dreams.

This adventure can help you conquer an asteroid so you can set foot on it. What’s more, Galaxy Genome will help you get to where you are going and learn many interesting things. There will also be many challenges in this adventure, and that too is an important turning point. It would be helpful if you were careful because other planes will attack you to destroy you all the way to steal the right to fight for the asteroid.


Players need to be clear on the main directions to be able to shorten the adventure. For each adventure in Galaxy Genome, the player will be given a series of locations to serve the adventure. Choose your own destination and set off on this exciting adventure. Overcome every challenge to help the outcome be as complete as you originally wanted.

There will probably be quite a few other planes that want to fight you. Prepare your weapons to be able to fight them. These guys seem to want to swallow us up and push us out of the adventure. But you’re a good pilot and you can handle all the challenges. There will be more meteors, lifeless planets in the middle of the galaxy; you need to pass to try to get to your destination.


Players need to overcome challenges in Galaxy Genome by upgrading big flying ships. Each player will need to come up with certain strategies to help achieve their goal quickly. Turn an ordinary airship into a flying saucer capable of sweeping them all away. Your flying saucer will destroy every obstacle in this galaxy at any moment without you even knowing it.

Because of this, Galaxy Genome seems to make a strong impression on players. Unique 3D images, mesmerizing sounds and distinctive scene descriptions create a whole. You are someone who can discover new worlds, more interesting and unique.

– A complete experience in a unique space.

– Players will choose their own ship, presented in the game, and embark on an adventure to a new destination.

– Make targeted conquests and face all the serious challenges in this game.

– Complete the task at hand and remove the obstacles encountered when upgrading to flying saucers.

– Expand into a new world where you can discover many fascinating things once you set foot on it.

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