Gangstar Vegas 5.8.1c
Version: 5.8.1c

Gangstar Vegas 5.8.1c

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System requirements: 4.1+

Gangstar Vegas (Mod, Lots of Money) (Embedded Cache) – Gang up in the city of Saint in Gameloft’s latest action-adventure game from Gangstar Vegas . The game comes with a great sandbox environment for you to freely discover and enjoy. You’ll find a ton of different things to do in addition to do your mafia ventures. If you love the GTA series, you will definitely love this game.

The Story

As a promising MMA fighter, you are unfortunately stuck between some gangster enterprises. You are forced to follow your boss’s orders and surrender in the last round.

However, your pride as a fighter would not allow you to do so, you fought hard, and your opponent quickly fell. However, you defended your dignity, and now the biggest criminal in town and his henchman are after you.

Fortunately, you find that you have the help of others, who also, despite how the criminals are degrading the city of Vegas.

Get yourself appeared in the exciting action of Gangstar Vegas and join others in the biggest sandbox game on Android.


You will find the gameplay of Gangstar Vegas quite similar to GTA, as it was based on the famous series from Rockstar Games. Much of the gameplay may be extremely natural for GTA players, however, Gangster Vegas also brings new features and elements to the table that make the game spot on. Here are some interesting elements that you’re sure to find interesting:

Find your way through the chaotic city of Las VegasYou are portrayed as a respectful MMA fighter who refuses to join the crowd and their plant to corrupt the fighting stages. As a result, you find yourself being pursued by criminals in the city and must find your way to deal with their vengeance. Together with the help of your friends, you will slowly earn your place in the underworld and have the power to defeat your enemies.

The game comes with a massive story mode that includes up to 80 missions filled with exciting action, firefights, high-speed chases and so on. Slowly but surely, you’ll build your own army and have enough power to get back to the enemies that have been chasing you since the beginning

Intuitive sandbox gameplayIn addition to the core game, players will have the opportunity to experience other elements of Gangstar Vegas. The city is now 9 times larger than before, with a host of new features. In the massive sandbox environment, players will have a realistic experience, just as they have fun in a real city with real characters in the game.

In addition, those who prefer to do stunts or high-speed racing will find Gangstar Vegas extremely satisfying. The realistic physics of the HAVOK physics engine allows you to pull off incredible stunts or fail at trying. Either way, you will have relaxing moments with Gangstar Vegas.

In addition to the typical sandbox gameplay, players can join the nightlife of the city with street races, MMA fights, fps shootouts, etc. You can complete various in-game challenges to earn valuable prizes. Make a fortune by taking down the biggest casino in Vegas or become the most wanted sniper in Heist mode.

Large collection of different gear and upgradesThe game features the coolest weapons, including flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails, military rifles and even electric guitars. You can even take control of incredible vehicles such as jeeps, tanks, and even a jet plane to smash the city. In addition, every weapon and item can be upgraded to provide them with better functionality. In addition, players can customize their clothing and costumes to look like a zombie, robot or whatever they have in mind.

Fight zombies, robots and other unlikely enemiesIn addition to the main mission, players can participate in other game modes that feature zombies, robots and many other enemies. Use your huge arsenal to blow up your enemies. You can also go up against the powerful criminal gangs in the city and take down their headquarters in a chaotic brawl.

Incredible Augmented Reality EffectsThanks to advanced technology, players can now take to the streets and create shots that are almost like you in the game. It’s a great way to create stunning graphics to show off to your friends.

Completely FreeThe best thing about Gangstar Vegas is that the game is completely free.

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