Gardenscapes 6.5.1
Version: 6.5.1

Gardenscapes 6.5.1

System requirements: 4.2+

Already tired of endless action and bloodshed with a recent shooter or role-playing game on your cell phone? Want to take a look at the relatively refreshing gameplay in your next game? Well, we have just the right recommendations for you.

Join millions of people as you discover fun and excitement in a simple and friendly life where you can truly feel happy and relaxed. Find yourself the owner of a beautiful mansion and a not-so-beautiful garden.

Your goal is clear – to mend your garden and restore it to its former glory. When you find yourself in contact with your surroundings, you’ll find yourself surrounded by amazing neighbors and friends. Take a journey through the Garden Landscapes and become a hero in your own way.

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The Story

The game begins as you are introduced to everyday life in the city, where you are surrounded by busy streets, crowds of people rushing by, and of course, endless traffic. When you have been desperate for a situation, you begin to dream of a beautiful life where you can live in your dream home.

Wake up every morning and listen to the birds sing in the window, watch your beautiful garden grow, and so much more. All of this may seem like a dream until one day you receive a letter from your great uncle who recently passed out.

It is said that you would inherit his beautiful garden and beautiful mansion as his will. His butler Austin urges you to visit the mansion and promises that you will fall in love with it immediately.

It’s like a dream; you quickly find yourself in your great uncle’s mansion to begin the life of your dreams. However, while the mansion looks exactly as you imagined, the garden has long been neglected.

Your task is to restore the garden to its former glory and uncover hidden secrets. Embark on a whole new journey by entering Garden Landscapes.


Here you will find all the interesting features the game has to offer:

Exciting and deep gameplay for you to exploreFirst, gamers in Gardenscapes will be introduced to an extremely exciting and in-depth gameplay experience. Explore the many activities and missions in Gardenscapes as you join Austin in restoring and decorating an old garden. And as you participate in the game’s events, you’ll be informed of new adventures and missions.

Wake up each day and check your to-do list to begin completing the tasks at hand. Maintain the gardens to make sure it’s going to be great. Explore an old mansion and abandoned gardens to uncover the unthinkable mysterious, help the locals in their daily lives and so on.

Enjoy exciting match-3 levelsAnd along with the many activities presented to gamers in Gardenscapes, you can also spend time solving hundreds of unique 3-in-a-row challenges. Take part in epic quests and earn yourself wonderful prizes by completing some of the most challenging levels in match-3. And sometimes it takes you completing your 3-in-a-row puzzles to move on to the next missions.

Meet fun and interesting charactersYou’ll never find yourself alone on your journey through the Garden Landscapes, unaccompanied by our trusty Austin and a host of interesting characters around the neighborhood. Take your time to make friends with all the people in Gardenscapes without exception, as they will be of great help to you in the future. Learn the side stories involving certain characters as you learn more about them.

Feel free to customize your beautiful gardenTo make your garden even more appealing, gamers in Gardenscapes are given the freedom to decorate their garden

With all kinds of beautiful decorations. Purchase new monuments and structures to make your garden as attractive as possible.

Take your faithful puppy friend with youAnd of course, even when you’re all alone, there’s always a fun friend who’ll be there for you no matter what. That’s our favorite puppy that will stay with you no matter what happens. Find him for plenty of time as you take a trip through the Garden Landscapes.

Discover different areas in the gardenAnd sooner or later you’ll discover that your garden isn’t just ordinary. In fact, it has so many secrets that even Austin couldn’t even think of.

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