Golf Battle 2.1.8
Version: 2.1.8

Golf Battle 2.1.8

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System requirements: 4.1+

Sports games are always a concern for passionate players. Golf is also an unforgettable game in the gaming world. In fact, golf is very popular all over the world, but golf tournaments are not as popular as other sports. Meanwhile, many gamers prefer to play this game, so Golf Battle is likely to be a candidate that responds to this request. The well-known sports production company Miniclip has always been a leader and very well developed. The product that the publisher is generating a lot of interest from players, and the reviews are very positive. Not stopping there, Miniclip has developed Golf Battle for sports fans.


Just like in a game of golf, it’s pretty easy to control the ball. But that’s how you play, and the efficiency of the game is not. You have to be familiar with power, accuracy and power. The polish in the game will be described as taking power the higher the ball goes, and vice versa. You can throw the ball many times until you reach the target and the ball rolls into the hole. You can play solo 1-on-1 or swing up to 6 friends in your Facebook game. The lower the number of moves, the higher your score, so keep a close eye on your opponent.

Each level will have a different landscape for moving the ball. You will be hindered from getting to the finish line by obstacles, so carefully calculate the water to put the ball in the hole. After each game you will receive a certain amount of money, use it to improve the ball. Fight with other players to win and equip, improve your polishing stick. Once you reach a level or through the game screen, you will unlock a club, upgrade to improve your polishing skill. On the game screen, pay attention to the panels on the fields, because if you fly out of them, you could lose. If you don’t want to play right away, you can choose a basic model to practice ahead. When you get used to and improve, compete or solo with other people to communicate and show your level.


Golf Battle is designed in 3D, nice effects, intuitive control interface, smooth and fluid controls. The m vivid and very similar to reality, which makes the gameplay more real, more lively. The map around is not too wide, but enough for you to watch the whole match. Despite the high graphics, but the size of the game is quite small, a medium configuration device is also able to fight. The game is added to level up to help gamers satisfy the game and have fun. With each update, Miniclip will be equipped with new additions, the new features show that the company is focusing on tweaking quite a few products.

The novelty is short-lived, but Golf Battle has gained a lot of love from players, plus the publisher is paying close attention, adding to the game necessary to enhance the finish… Nice graphics, simple controls, easy to play. Online games help you express yourself. In short, fans of sports games, especially golf, can not miss this game, or if you want to change the wind, can also experience and enjoy.

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