Good pizza, Great pizza 4.11.0<br />
Version: 4.11.0

Good pizza, Great pizza 4.11.0

System requirements: 4.1+

Been a Cooking Fever fan for a long time? Want to start your own culinary pizza adventure? Have fun making those delicious pizzas while having fun learning new things? Then you can always fully immerse yourself in your latest pizza adventure in this new mobile title from TapBlaze, in which you’ll have your own pizzeria.

Immerse yourself in the world of those delicious pizzas while trying to make them for yourself. Create your own pizzeria restaurant to start competing with the famous pizzeria across the road. Enjoy a series of interesting game stories and progress as you learn the job of a pizza master. Deliver your best slices of pizza and progress through the interesting stories in the game.

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In this game, Android gamers will have access to interesting and entertaining cooking gameplay simulation features in which you do your business with a pizzeria. Have fun running your business efficiently, producing the best pizza, satisfying your customers with the best service, and use the many improvements to run your restaurant more efficiently.

And at the same time enjoy and fully immerse yourself in the amazing stories of Good Pizza, Great Pizza in which you can compete with Alicante’s pizza competitor. Enjoy interesting game stories while being immersed in a series of exciting game challenges and storytelling moves. Become the head cook and defeat your rival store as you progress through the game.


Here you’ll find all the interesting features the game has to offer:

Simple, straightforward and extremely enjoyable gameplayAt once, Android gamers in Good Pizza, Great Pizza will find that they have access to a simple but extremely addictive pizza-making gameplay. Here you can enjoy hundreds of interesting pizza recipes, have fun making them right in the kitchen and serving them to your favorite customers. Have fun running your own restaurant business, where you can learn a lot about how to get involved and more.

Have fun with Pizza News Network For those of you interested in the world of pizza, you are sure to find the interesting Pizza News Network (PNN) to be one of your favorite companions. Nevertheless, the channel will broadcast all the news about the game worlds in the game, and most importantly, your competition with the famous Alicante. And at the same time, feel free to enjoy endless news with interesting content as you progress through the game. Every day after work, it would be great to be able to relax with interesting news on PNN.

Different Customers with Different TastesAnd once you immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay, gamers at Good Pizza, Great Pizza can also have fun with their interesting customers, each with their own unique traits and personalities. Thus, each time you meet a new customer, there should be new pizza orders to remember and certain personalities to consider. Get to know the more than 100 available customers in the game as you give them the best service and make the most of your business. Get the benefit of the public in your battle against a competing pizzeria.

Several toppings for you to try onFor those of you who are interested, you’ll also get plenty of fun from the many pizza toppings in play. They say that Good Pizza, Great Pizza contains a huge collection from the most common to the most unique toppings that you can try on your pizza. Start with pepperoni, sausage, onions, cheese, ice cream, seafood, bread crumbs and more. As you progress, there should be many new topping options you can choose and enjoy. Feel free to try and enjoy amazing combinations that will definitely amaze you.

Upgrade your gear as you progress through the gameAnd as you progress through the game, there’s also an option for Android gamers to fully immerse themselves in their exciting in-game upgrades. In other words, the game offers a wide range of available options that will allow you to effectively upgrade your pizzeria and increase your efficiency with all those new items.

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