Grim Quest - Old School RPG 1.4.5
Version: 1.4.5

Grim Quest - Old School RPG 1.4.5

System requirements: 5.0+


This week’s game of the week is Grim Quest – Old School RPG, a terrific RPG from Goran K. Although it is a recently released game, it has now been installed to the thousands in the Google Play store. The presented action game is suitable for both adults and children, as it has a content rating of 7+. As mentioned earlier, this is a role-playing game that includes light and implied violence.

Do you enjoy playing RPGs? Then Grim Quest – Old School RPG was designed exclusively for you. You will never be bored as you immerse yourself in the gameplay it offers. It’s a classic Dungeon Crawler and turn-based RPG.

One of the key things you’ll love about this game is the retro atmosphere and the gothic aesthetic. You’re unlikely to find these two characteristics in other games. It also has an amazing setting that uses a dark fantasy world.

There are so many elements that you’ll love when you download it. This includes Freudian psychology and Lovecraftian horror. Much attention is given to the atmosphere, filled with somber music, bleak visuals, and lots of written text. It is worth noting that GOTW: Grim Quest – Old School RPG is currently only available in English.

Interesting Features

Here are some of the features you can’t miss:

A turn-based role-playing game and combat system that allows you to fight and defeat your enemies. This will take place in battles with bosses.The knowledge and history of a dark world filled with fantasy. You will love this world, especially when you immerse yourself in it.A character you will use throughout the game. To keep your character safe from the unexpected, you must control his sanity.There are over 20 passive and active skills, as well as 25 unique spells. You can use their collection to customize and improve your character.Your characters have 27 different backgrounds. It’s important to note that each of these backgrounds affects the gameplay.Text and interactive events that will allow you to enjoy the game and have an unforgettable experienceRecipes, accessories, weapons and various ingredients to collect.Complete different quests and collect different rewards. Undoubtedly, you will find up to 60 disparate stories.Endure raids by controlling besieged citiesFour levels of difficulty. In these levels you can relax or plunge into the unknown. It is important to note that permadeath is an optional mode.

Download Grim Quest – Old School RPG 1.4.5 (Mod, No Ads) for Android screen 1Download Grim Quest – Old School RPG 1.4.5 (Mod, No Ads) for Android screen 2Download Grim Quest – Old School RPG 1.4.5 (Mod, No Ads) for Android screen 3Download Grim Quest – Old School RPG 1.4.5 (Mod, No Ads) for Android screen 4Download Grim Quest – Old School RPG 1.4.5 (Mod, No Ads) for Android screen 5