Growing Up 1.2.3929
Version: 1.2.3929

Growing Up 1.2.3929

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System requirements: 8.0+

“Growing Up” recreates life in the United States in the 1990s with gripping stories revolving around the lives of several children. They face many challenges and need guidance and direction to succeed. Your exciting and experiential journey begins. Options vary at school, at home, and elsewhere. How will you structure your childhood? Is the adult world interesting as material? The mobile version is here. It’s easier to download and experience it!


Each girl’s and boy’s life story has different developmental stages. Growing up will bring players the most authentic experience. With special features, you can have more fun and learn more engaging lessons. With support from over 30 different locations, your life seems very happy. In addition to attending school and living at home, traveling can help you grow.

There are fundamental differences in the knowledge gained from walking with your parents as a child and the way you see the world as a teenager. All stories are kept as important memories in life. You will demonstrate your intelligence by solving complex puzzles, confronting your friends’ stories, and developing your emotional abilities. In the context of contemporary 1990s society, there will be games in town that you’ve never seen before.


The purposeful system entertains players with light-hearted stories that often happen in life. That’s why Growing Up is known for its free gameplay. The decisions you make will affect the story. Each player will control a character, live their life, and experience joy and sadness. Through a combination of school lectures and case studies, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities.


Chat is part of growing up, and players rely on dialogue to easily make friends or join fun groups and societies. Each character will have more than 1,000 exclusive lines; you’ll tackle a story told with attitude and emotion. Different situations help you realize friendship, love, or find joy and happiness around them. Before you officially turn 18, you can rebel and have fun with your jokes. An in-depth skill set with over 200 items will be a useful choice for situations where your decision is required. We will create more situations and opportunities for you to participate in extracurricular activities with the school. Join us in developing yourself!


Growing Up offers a great experience as you take on someone else’s identity, live and enjoy exciting stories. Set around a bustling city in the 1990s USA, it will give you plenty of excitement. In addition to going to school and returning home, the various locations in the game are also good choices for your other activities. Thousands of conversations connect one player to another, helping to strengthen and develop friendships. We pay special attention to activities that focus on emotional development. As a leader, create a life full of memories.


Explore the life of a boy and girl in the United States in the 1990s, making decisions for them from childhood to age 18. You will act as a confident leader.A new life in a new place and good beginnings. You have the opportunity to access exciting stories revolving around the protagonist’s daily life and leave unforgettable memories with family and friends.Chat activity is supported by a system with up to a thousand sample dialogues built in. They are created exclusively, and you are free to choose the direction of the story.Players create characters with a variety of characters and emotions, a basic set of skills that will help you at school and at home. Wherever you go, make friends and create engaging communities.The locations that appear in the game are carefully designed and varied. Each location is associated with a memory of you. The story will be created in the form of a short film that captures all the good memories.

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