Guns of Glory: Survival 7.3.0
Version: 7.3.0

Guns of Glory: Survival 7.3.0

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System requirements: 5.0+

Year after year, many games are created to meet the growing needs of users. At the same time, QC Gaming released Gun of Glory: Survival , PRG’s premier strategy game with a new graphical design and features that the gamer community loves. 

A mobile version of PUBG?

Get ready to enter a new world in Gun of Glory: Survival , with all the tactics you can prepare for new battles. Use your powerful army to defeat your enemies. Unite with neighboring countries to create a new regime around the world. Be prepared for new strategies in the service of a new war of territorial expansion. The player becomes the warlord of an ancient medieval kingdom, and the security of the country is threatened by encroaching hostile forces. They constantly attack citadels and fortresses, leading to war.

You must show the courage of a leader and lord by becoming supreme ruler, crushing the invading enemy and building a new history of prosperity for the nation. Seek out and enlist the help of local talents, professional engineers to help you build and produce heavy weapons, unique architecture or generals. Warriors and alliances with other forces in battle. Victories in the game are attributed to the amount of fortune added to the kingdom’s treasures, which you possess by capturing the reactionaries, conquering enemy territory… and taking them, they will build new citadels for you.

Graphics and Features

Guns of Glory: Survival gives the player a first look at the world of ancient legions of brave soldiers. The ancient space of the kingdoms of Europe. Prairie land and citadels are modeled after ancient architecture. Make the player live during the war in historical movies that can only be seen in the movies. In this game, you are not only watching the battle, but also fighting. To win, there must be a specific turn-based process strategy. Consequently, the preparation of the Musketeer army is absolutely loyal to the government, courage and bravery are required.

Manage the resources available in your kingdom, create dangerous traps and launch surprise attacks on enemies that will render them unsuccessful, all in order to establish the royal position and the great alliance of their neighbors as one of the most powerful. Apply science and technology to produce various types of warships, fighters, machines, and equipment such as cannons, bombs, mines… as perfect as possible. They are also an important part of the battle. Just check out the promo page and you’ll have your choice of equipment to choose from.

To summarize.

Guns of Glory: Survival offers many modes to create a new style of play. Some weapons will take a long time to collect and some will require real money, so players need to be careful when playing the game for free. And the game also needs a network while playing.

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The app is cool those people who say that the app is bad do not believe them, sorry for the mistakes, I’m just a Kazakh girl Russian I do not know well