Hamsterdam 1.0
Version: 1.0

Hamsterdam 1.0

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System requirements: 5.0+

Hamsterdam – Master the most powerful martial arts abilities by taking on the role of Pimm, the heroic hamster. Defeat a gang of vermin, save Grandpa and bring peace back to Hamsterdam as you make your way from one neighborhood to the next, going neighborhood by neighborhood in Hamsterdam. Hamsterdam, a village known for its tranquility, is now in danger. Marlo, the evil chinchilla, and his gang of vermin, the vermin gang, are wreaking havoc.

Work your way through the streets of Hamsterdam, swinging, snapping and striking. Participate in tense action and beautifully complete rhythmic combinations, and integrate with the legendary Hamster-Fu to fully appreciate this game.


Use your swings and sweeps to get rid of some very epic vermin.Exceptional combination of traditional dynamic fighting genre, rhythm and lightning reflexes.Hamster-Fu is an old style martial art that you need to master.Throat and fist fights with the game’s bosses. Rain bombs fall from the sky! Try to beat 1,483 of them.Chinchilla with the title of mafia boss along with a gang of parasites who drink tonic and wear trash cans.Save the Hamsterdammmers and grandpa. Lead the resistance to save Hamburg.Offering the best clothing for hamsters, from couture to street clothesTwo-wheeled, chrome-plated scooter with a name like “Ham-mobile” to give you a stylish ride.

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